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LinkedIn Fujitsu Case Study

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Smart content puts Fujitsu on trend

Using content to drive engagement is a proven strategy on LinkedIn – and one that has delivered results for countless brands and businesses. Fujitsu’s highly effective campaign in Finland and the UK proves how such engagement can also act as a valuable channel for insight.

Fujitsu aimed to tackle the challenge of raising awareness for its broader IT services, which are well-established in Japan but lack awareness in other global markets. It had a raft of content assets available to help demonstrate its expertise in areas such as IT security and cloud computing, but knew that the key to success lay in relating this expertise to the issues topping IT buyers’ agendas.

Fujitsu used the precision targeting possible through LinkedIn member profiles to deliver a range of video content, blog posts and white papers to key IT and business decision makers. It backed this targeted content up through calls to action to access more in-depth content on its Company Page. However, the key to unlocking the greatest value from its Sponsored Updates campaign came through a strategy that made use of LinkedIn analytics to drive the choice of content going forward.

“It’s enabled us to generate our own insight to guide the content strategy,” said Fujitsu’s Brand Strategy Manager, Andrew Richardson. Such insight has helped to generate greater engagement around Fujitsu content, with 44,000 viral impressions created in Finland alone. “We’re continuing to use LinkedIn to engage with our audience globally, based on these positive results,” says Richardson.

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LinkedIn Fujitsu Case Study

  1. 1. Sponsored updates power decision-maker dialogue for Fujitsu The smart content strategy developed by Fujitsu is helping it to target the trending topics in key markets, connect to senior decision-makers, and build awareness of the brand’s ICT expertise. Fujitsu is one of the world’s leading ICT companies with a strong presence in its home country, Japan. However, to broaden awareness of its full range of services globally, Fujitsu needed to connect meaningfully with IT decision-makers in key markets. LinkedIn provided an ideal platform for doing so in the UK and Finland. Fujitsu is a natural content producer, with a global campaign built around video, and a number of thought-leadership platforms delivering insights to IT and business decision-makers. Plugging these into a LinkedIn engagement strategy enabled Fujitsu to raise awareness of its expertise and start content- led conversations around the issues buyers are most interested in. Challenge Target and engage an audience of IT decision- makers Deliver content to this time-poor audience across multiple screens Raise awareness of Fujitsu’s broad range of global ICT services Generate insight on the key issues motivating decision-makers in Finland and the UK Solution Integrated LinkedIn campaign for each market, combining Content Ads and Sponsored Updates Precision targeting delivering updates and ads to senior IT decision makers in each market Regularly updated Company Pages, featuring deeper content to showcase broader expertise Commitment to campaign optimisation, with the performance of Sponsored Updates informing future campaign strategy Why LinkedIn? Unique targeting potential Proven B2B publishing platform, engaging decision-makers with content in a professional context Sponsored Updates’ capability for delivering content across PC and mobile devices, through the LinkedIn feed
  2. 2. Visit emea.marketing.linkedin.com/success-stories to discover how LinkedIn Sponsored Updates can drive results for your business. Copyright © 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail, are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Content ads drive initial awareness Content ads formed the first phase of the campaign, delivering insight and video content showcasing customer stories, generating broad awareness around Fujitsu’s expertise in areas such as IT security, and reaching over 400,000 LinkedIn members. Andrew Richardson Brand Strategy Manager, Fujitsu “The opportunity to interact with this audience was a fantastic, added benefit for the campaign. In addition to driving traffic and building awareness, it enabled us to generate our own insight to guide the content strategy going forward. We’re continuing to use LinkedIn to engage with our audience globally, based on these positive results.” Connecting to time-poor decision- makers on mobile Aware of its audience’s busy lives, Fujitsu made reaching members across multiple platforms a priority. In delivering the brand’s content through the LinkedIn Feed, Sponsored Updates reached audience members on smartphones and tablets, outside of traditional office hours, and increased engagement. Amplifying the impact of content Focusing on the trending subjects for IT decision-makers generated significant additional reach through members sharing content with their networks. In Finland, Sponsored Updates generated over 44,100 viral impressions and 437 additional clicks, driving additional awareness and credibility for the campaign. The right content, delivered to the right audience Sponsored Updates then delivered a range of targeted content via the LinkedIn feed of IT and business decision- makers, including videos, blog posts and publications. Fujitsu and LinkedIn analysed the performance of updates carefully, identifying the most impactful topics and using this insight to optimise the campaign. This approach to optimisation proved highly successful in the UK, and was subsequently applied to Finland where it drove an engagement rate of 0.83%. The campaign delivered more than 7,500 clicks across both countries. Fujitsu supported its Sponsored Updates with additional posts on its Company Pages. These provided added value in the form of white papers and articles whilst demonstrating the breadth of the brand’s expertise for those clicking through to the page. Company Page content items that performed well organically were added to the Sponsored Updates schedule. Results The Sponsored Updates campaign generated more than 7,500 clicks across both countries Sharing of content across LinkedIn networks drove relevant additional reach, with over 44,100 viral impressions in Finland alone