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LinkedIn Capgemini Case Study 2013

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How to become daily reading for decision-makers

An innovative content collaboration with LinkedIn is driving spectacular engagement rates for Capgemini, and proving that relevant content delivers results that few other B2B marketing strategies can match. In just six months since the launch of its Content Loop microsite, the technology, consultancy and outsourcing brand has added 130,000 LinkedIn followers, generated 368,856 viral impressions and benefited from 1.8 million shares, of which 69% were on LinkedIn. It adds more than 3,000 new followers each week, the vast majority of which are IT and business decision-makers for major corporations.

So just how did Capgemini establish itself as such a compelling content-led brand? The answer lies in its recognition of the natural relationship it has with content its target audiences are interested in, and its commitment to taking this relationship to a new level. Capgemini set itself the ambition of becoming a definitive content brand for the business and IT space, ensured that it could deliver the most relevant stories for each individual audience member, and then provided its pieces with the additional reach needed to maximise their impact.

Capgemini itself produces one video relating to business and IT issues every day. By working with LinkedIn, the company was able to combine this self-generated content with stories from key business publishers such as Forbes and VentureBeat, producing a content stream of 50 pieces per week that provided an essential overview of emerging issues.

By embedding LinkedIn APIs into the Content Loop architecture, Capgemini uses member profile information to display the most relevant of these pieces for each visitor to the site, delivering a wholly personalised content experience. By promoting Content Loop content using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, it targets its key audience of business and IT decision-makers wherever they are on LinkedIn.

Capgemini’s content has been conceived from the start not just as a means of driving brand awareness and engagement, but as a vital channel for lead generation. With this in mind, Content Loop stories are always linked to relevant Capgemini experts, with an invitation to connect to those experts through LinkedIn and explore issues and advice in more depth. It’s a strategy that ensures the brand gets full value from the content it creates and shares – and that its pieces act as relevant, audience-initiated conversation starters

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LinkedIn Capgemini Case Study 2013

  1. 1. Committing to content puts Capgemini ahead Collaborating with LinkedIn has put content at the heart of Capgemini’s brand strategy, and forged powerful connections with business and IT decision makers. Capgemini offers an array of integrated services that combine top-of-the-range technology with deep sector expertise to help clients improve their performance and competitive positioning. As the world’s leading B2B publishing platform, LinkedIn was the natural partner to help build a content strategy embodying this expertise. Capgemini launched Content Loop in April 2013. The site, with its seamless social integration, quickly put Capgemini at the heart of business and IT conversations and is creating a powerful competitive advantage for the brand as a result. Challenge Build awareness and engagement for Capgemini Associate the Capgemini brand with digital innovation and leadership Increase the visibility of Capgemini experts and help them forge connections with business and IT decision-makers Solution Content Loop, a content-driven microsite that aggregates the most relevant daily stories for IT and business with Capgemini’s own content LinkedIn member profiling used to display the most relevant items for each Content Loop visitor Invitations to connect to relevant Capgemini experts when engaging with stories on Content Loop Targeted promotion of the most compelling items using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and display advertising Amplification through sharing of Content Loop comments across LinkedIn networks Why LinkedIn The world’s leading B2B publishing platform and a natural content partner Proven reach and influence amongst business and IT decision-makers Powerful capabilities for targeting by role, location, interest and technology choices LinkedIn APIs drive content sharing and amplification from dedicated microsite Connecting with experts put Capgemini’s human face to the fore Results: 358,719 unique visitors in Content Loop’s first six months Visitors spend an average of just over 4 minutes on the site per visit Capgemini’s Company Page added 130,000 followers in the six months following the launch of Content Loop, bringing total followers to 280,000 The Company Page continues to add between 3,000 and 4,000 followers per week Content Loop Sponsored Updates currently generate an engagement rate of 3.27%, with the first 59 updates delivering 368,856 viral impressions Capgemini’s content has generated over 1.8 million shares, with 69% coming through LinkedIninterest and technology choices LinkedIn APIs drive content sharing and amplification from dedicated microsite Connecting with experts put Capgemini’s human face to the fore Capgemini Case Study Cap Gemini_CS_UK.indd 1 28/03/2014 10:20
  2. 2. Visit emea.marketing.linkedin.com to learn how other marketers have successfully met their marketing objectives. Copyright © 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail, are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Natural born content provider Capgemini is a natural content producer and consumer, estimated to generate one new video each day on average, and with experts continually consuming thought leadership content from a huge range of publishers and media owners. LinkedIn worked closely with Capgemini to embody this content-led expertise in a dedicated microsite, www.content- loop.com, which provides a central platform for the brand to share content with decision-makers, and enables it to use the full potential of LinkedIn to ensure relevance, increase reach and generate engagement. Keeping audiences in the loop Content Loop publishes around 50 articles each week, leveraging LinkedIn’s publishing expertise to bring together agenda-setting features from relevant media owners like Forbes and VentureBeat, and combining this with Capgemini’s own content. LinkedIn connections provide the next steps for both amplifying and acting on Content Loop items: readers are invited to connected to Capgemini experts relevant to each story – and the comments they post on Content Loop can be shared across their LinkedIn networks as well. Boosting reach with Sponsored Updates Capgemini was one of the first brands to use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to maximise the reach and engagement of its best-performing content. Posting the most compelling Content Loop features from Capgemini’s Company Page, and delivering them in the world’s only professional feed, has enabled these stories to reach their fullest potential for the brand. Display advertising further boosts interaction with relevant audiences: Content Ads summarise the key stories currently appearing on Content Loop, and surface them to Capgemini’s target audience of IT professionals and business decision-makers on LinkedIn. The benefits of being a content brand Focusing on delivering the content that is most relevant to decision-makers’ needs has delivered spectacular engagement metrics for Capgemini. And the connections driven by the sharing of that content on LinkedIn are delivering significant business opportunities. In the six months since its launch in April 2013, Content Loop received 358,719 unique visitors, and added 130,000 followers for Capgemini’s LinkedIn Company Page, with over 3,000 more joining each week. Sponsored Updates promoting Content Loop features generate a 3.27% engagement rate, with the first 59 updates driving 368,856 viral impressions. Of Capgemini’s more than 1.8 million social shares, 69% now come through LinkedIn. Emmanuel Lochon, VP Group Advertising, Digital Brand, Capgemini Group “The power of the Content Loop platform is the ability to see articles being shared and seeing our audience interacting and engaging with the Capgemini brand.” Cap Gemini_CS_UK.indd 2 28/03/2014 10:20