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High Net Worth Individuals in the UAE are increasingly engaging
with social media for financial purposes – representing a
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High Net Worth UAE on Social Media

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LinkedIn: the constant financial guide for the UAE’s most wealthy

The United Arab Emirates’ most affluent consumers aren’t just on LinkedIn – they are on LinkedIn almost constantly. And that makes our platform one of the most familiar and trusted sources of content for guiding their financial decisions.

New audience research for the UAE shows that nearly three-quarters of the country’s high net worth individuals, using social media, are LinkedIn members and virtually all of these (92%) use LinkedIn several times a week with 74% doing so from smartphones and 77% using tablets. Besides connecting with colleagues and creating professional content, the country’s affluent LinkedIn members nominate following experts, influencers and brands as amongst their top reasons for using the platform. The expertise that they find on LinkedIn guides both personal and business decision-making – and has a particular influence over how they choose to invest their own money.

Of all of the UAE’s high net worth individuals who use social media, 78% will use them for at least one financial purpose: 74% keep up-to-date about current financial trends, 71% research products, policies and institutions, 60% use social media to evaluate their financial decisions and 57% recommend financial products, policies and services. This range of uses gives social media a key role at each stage of the decision journey. And as the high net worth audience’s most trusted social media source of financial information, the vast majority of this influence plays out on LinkedIn.

Scroll down to learn more about UAE’s high net worth individuals in our infographic, and learn more about this key segment in our audience section.

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High Net Worth UAE on Social Media

  1. 1. High Net Worth Individuals in the UAE are increasingly engaging with social media for financial purposes – representing a significant opportunity for finance marketers to build relationships. O N S O C I A L M E D I A HIGH NET WORTH INDIVIDUALS ARE ENGAGED ON SOCIAL MEDIA 92% OF HIGH NET WORTH INDIVIDUALS IN THE UAE ACCESS LINKEDIN SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK MARKETERS MUST UNDERSTAND HOW THIS AFFLUENT AUDIENCE IS USING SOCIAL MEDIA 78% OF THE HIGH NET WORTH AUDIENCE IN THE UAE WHO USE SOCIAL NETWORKS WILL USE THEM FOR AT LEAST ONE FINANCIAL PURPOSE In the UAE, High Net Worth Individuals use LinkedIn more than any other social media site access LinkedIn via a mobile device Top reasons High Net Worth Individuals use social media 73% 72% 63% 37% 29% 1.Connect/reconnect with colleagues 2.Read updates/posts and stay up-to-date with colleagues and friends 74% 71% 60% 57% GATHER PRELIMINARY INFORMATION ABOUT FINANCIAL PRODUCTS, POLICIES OR INSTITUTIONS KEEP UP-TO-DATE WITH CURRENT FINANCIAL TRENDS RE-EVALUATE A FINANCIAL DECISION THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE RECOMMEND A FINANCIAL PRODUCT, POLICY OR SERVICE LinkedIn is the most trusted social media source for financial information gather information about investing, products, or companies SOCIAL MEDIA IS AN IMPORTANT PURCHASE DRIVER FOR HIGH NET WORTH INDIVIDUALS AND HAS A PURPOSE THROUGHOUT THEIR FINANCIAL DECISION JOURNEY THE INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA AMONG THIS AFFLUENT AUDIENCE IS SET TO CONTINUE: DISCOVER seek advice or information to help make an investment decision EXPLORE believe social media will become more influential over the next 12 months 1in5 believe social media is influential when forming opinions about financial products/services and All data is from commissioned Join the Dots research study, UAE data Q4 2013 48% % USE SOCIAL MEDIA I N D I V I D U A L S N E T W O R T H H I G H 3.Create professional content 4.Follow experts, influencers, companies & brands share a personal experience had with a financial product, service or company ADVOCATE