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Designing for Diversity - Global Recruiter Summit

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Presenter: Sophie Mitchell, Global Solutions Consultant, LinkedIn

Building diverse teams is of the utmost importance for today’s businesses.

These businesses aren’t just ticking a box, saying the right thing or trying to burnish their brand with a sense of purpose. They’re responding to hard data and a growing body of evidence that shows diversity to be one of the most vital sources of competitive advantage.

However, the evidence is also growing that no business, large or small, can simply decide to be more diverse. As recruitment businesses seek to hire more diverse teams for their clients and for their own organisations, the reality is these initiatives are hard work. Achieving diversity requires deliberate design – and it requires the right types of actionable insights to drive that design.

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Designing for Diversity - Global Recruiter Summit

  1. 1. 6. Dezember, 2018 Designing for Diversity Sophie Mitchell Global Business Solutions Consultant
  2. 2. 78% Indicated it is the top trend affecting how they hire Hiring diverse teams is the No. 1 talent priority for recruitment and HR professionals Source: LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2018
  3. 3. Why diversity and inclusion matters 62% of companies prioritise to boost financial performance 78% of companies prioritise diversity to improve culture Source: LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2018
  4. 4. Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce Vision
  5. 5. Building diverse and inclusive teams is a business imperative and a human opportunity
  6. 6. LinkedIn maps the realtime global workforce The Economic Graph 90K Schools 610M Members 30M Companies 50K Skills 20M Open Jobs
  7. 7. Diversity by Design
  8. 8. We’re taking our first steps with gender diversity insights
  9. 9. LinkedIn Talent Insights Talent Pool Report Executing diversity recruiting goals for your clients • Identify diverse talent pools – helping you you increase gender representation in the roles you’re hiring for • Optimise your diverse sourcing efficiency by assessing company’s overall gender composition
  10. 10. See a diverse mix of qualified candidates • Deliver a diverse mix of qualified candidates to your client. • Identifies areas where your consultant’s practices can be more inclusive: Gender insights will now appear in InMail analytics and Jobs report LinkedIn Recruiter
  11. 11. This is just the beginning
  12. 12. Greater flexibility can lead to greater diversity 78% Increase in job posts with “workplace flexibility” featured since 2016 on LinkedIn
  13. 13. Thank You Learn more: lnkd.in/staffing