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The New LinkedIn Homepage

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Imagine one place to see how you stand as a professional, build and keep in touch with your network, and get the knowledge you need. LinkedIn has always been that place for its members - and now we’re making it even easier for you to quickly manage and benefit from your experience on LinkedIn with the roll out of our redesigned homepage.

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The New LinkedIn Homepage

  1. 1. The new Linkedln homepage
  2. 2. - -‘, ‘.‘§' Meet your new homepage We‘ve put everything you need nght on your Linkedln homepage. Now it's easier than ever to make the most of your professional life ~ tn tust 5 minutes a day.
  3. 3. I‘ See your impact — and explore your possibilities Who's discovering you on Linkedln’? Get insights about how you're being found plus tips on how to expand your reach and your opportunities 3 Henry Curtis t W Iiiiuiuvu vim : -in-tilc P
  4. 4. Stay in the know Keep up with all the great stuff that people you trust are reading and writing about — all the knowledge you need for your day, ; ; ii. -gin : -n Llrll‘: ‘d'lV Pulse llI; ‘i‘. Ca yr etri l“_a ti; -.-. i . ll. Vii, ’ ' . l L’? [I i /4 The Fitst 3 Steps to Starting a Fashion Eu-sine» Ll: _‘lril Vmii‘rr+ Getting lnnzw, -iiiiwn N’ Wrong VI’ Ill‘-‘<41-‘gr
  5. 5. Strengthen your connections Know what‘s happening with the people you care about - so you can reach out when it matters most. . ‘ i ‘v w‘: T"§"' 'l . .,w _. ,, ll__l_l 0 (J. 1 ' "i 1' Jacqueline Fox has a work ' anniversary. ‘: é.lI. '4.Wi. l‘i i g 3 'vr. ~.ii-. —. . _-! E~'_i- EL Ci- ‘ ‘—», r' _ii‘, l ‘Bl-ii
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