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Helping New Yorkers Connect With The Jobs Of Tomorrow

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Over the course of three months, we analyzed aggregate LinkedIn data from more than 3 million LinkedIn members in the New York City region and 150,000 NYC-based businesses to provide the Tech Talent Pipeline with insights on the current state of the city’s tech industry. This research is now informing the Tech Talent Pipeline team’s decisions on how to deploy $10 million in funding to help NYC schools, government, nonprofits, and companies better prepare New Yorkers for in-demand tech jobs and fuel the continuing growth of NYC tech businesses.

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Helping New Yorkers Connect With The Jobs Of Tomorrow

  1. 1. ECONOMIC GRAPH 0ESE111MII11 ([71) NEW Yo,1;1< 1 1 , 1 in every 5 New York City businesses employs tech talent. J. N3'lVJ. And the top 4 industries hiring tech talent in NYC are: S3|ElJ. S1'10NI <hlI1i id= > <title> Source 1. Technology 2. Financial Services 1111 C9 3. Marketing 4. Media & Advertising & Entertainment The most common job titles among NYC tech talent are: 5801‘ Software Developer/ Engineer Information Technology Generalist Salesperson (e. g. Account Executive, Sales Rep) Consultant Graphic Designer Project Manager Business / Corporate Strategist Founder/ Partner/ Business Owner . ‘°. °°. l. °‘. °": '§. °°l>. “ Information Technology System Admin. xx 9 Information Technology Support Specialist NYC’s tech talent isn't limited to software engineers and ITprofessionals. Salespeople, project managers, and corporate strategists are also likely to possess tech skills. What are the most in-demand* skills among the NYC tech community? S11l)| S User Interface Design Python Mobile Development Web Development C/ C++ Computer Graphics and Animation Algorithm Design Cloud and Distributed Computing Game Development . ‘°. °°. l. °‘. °": ‘§. °°l>. “ * Skills most likely to be found among recently-emp/ oyed members While 7% of NYC’s workforce have some tech skills, just 2% have in-demand tech skills. ElC)ElO: l)| ElOM NYC members 7% have tech skills 2% have in-demand tech skills In 2013, 7% of NYC graduates entered technology industries, compared with 17% of San Francisco Bay Area graduates. NYC VS SF 7°/ o 17% SEILVTIGVEIEJ DAN 2.2% ofNYC students graduated with a technology-related degree in 2013, compared to 6.4% in 1999 and 7.4% in 1985. ".73.- f‘: I7a' 1 . " I-31] / ~ -. how members chbose to use Linkedln, social, and regional culture, as well as llty. These variances were not accounted ' - current as of October 23, 2014. The information above is influ, which can vary based on pro ’“ overall site availability and ac for in the analysis. I