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Accelerating LinkedIn’s Vision Through Innovation

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See what's next for LinkedIn - from a complete redesign of the desktop experience, to smarter messaging and content discovery features, to the future of professional learning. Read more: https://blog.linkedin.com/2016/09/22/accelerating-LinkedIn-vision

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Accelerating LinkedIn’s Vision Through Innovation

  1. 1. A C C E L E R A T I N G O U R V I S I O N
  2. 2. MISSION Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful
  3. 3. VISION Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce
  4. 4. T H E E C O N O M I C G R A P H Members Companies Jobs Skills Schools Knowledge
  5. 5. 1B+ Microso"Users
  6. 6. Flagship
  7. 7. +30% y/y Mobile daily actives +240% y/y Messages sent +40% y/y Engaged feed sessions weekly Flagship
  8. 8. 5M 78% Source: CNBC Global CFO Council Survey Source: World Economic Forum Learning netjobs displacedby techby2020 ofCFOsbelieveuptoa quarterofjobswillbe replacedby2020
  9. 9. Closing the skills gap
  10. 10. Ryan Roslansky VP of Global Consumer Product 
  11. 11. Meg Harris Member Video VIDEO LINK
  12. 12. India LinkedIn Lite Influencer Videos Premium Insights Hottest Skills LinkedIn Elevate Profile Photo Filters Learning Paths Threaded Comments Real-time Messaging Conversion Tracking Lynda on AppleTV Content Analytics Hashtags Group Messaging New Publishing Experience Save Articles Profile Highlights LinkedIn ProFinder LinkedIn Student App Next Generation Recruiter Connections in the News India Placements
  13. 13. Messaging & Bots Desktop Redesign Feed
  14. 14. Amy Parnell Sr. Director of UED
  15. 15. Desktop Redesign Video VIDEO
  16. 16. Tomer Cohen Sr. Director of Content, Search & Discovery Products Erran Berger VP Engineering, Feed & Content Products
  17. 17. People Publishers Knowledge Companies
  18. 18. People Publishers Knowledge Companies Inform and Inspire Professionals Everyday
  19. 19. Algorithms Editors + Signals +
  20. 20. Trending in your Company Industry Area Profession
  21. 21. #brexit
  22. 22. 2–3X increase in referral traffic 40% increase in sessions YoY 160K long-form articles published every week
  23. 23. Inform and Inspire Professionals Everyday
  24. 24. Interest Feed Demo VIDEO
  25. 25. Mark Hull Sr. Director of Messaging, Groups & Relationship Products
  26. 26. 240% increase in messaging activity ~50% of all active members use messaging every week 40M+ interactions a week as a result of conversation starters Unlocking the power of your network through conversation Making messaging smarter
  27. 27. Contextual overlay of messaging VIDEO
  28. 28. Amanda Poray Sr. Principal of UED Tanya Staples Sr. Director of Content & Production FPO
  29. 29. “The useful shelf life of skills has shrunk to less than five years.” Source: The Next Evolution of Learning Content, Bersin by Deloitte
  30. 30. “Rapid change means everyone needs to be constantly learning.” Source: Rethinking L&D: Enterprise Learning Trends for 2015, Bersin for Deloitte
  31. 31. “Organizations are continually having to up skill and retrain employees to remain competitive.” Source: Rethinking L&D: Enterprise Learning Trends for 2015, Bersin for Deloitte
  32. 32. Alexandra Clarke Lead Engagement Manager, ACME Corporation LinkedIn Member
  33. 33. A C C E L E R A T I N G O U R V I S I O N