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The Power of the Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages [webcast]

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The recently re-imagined LinkedIn Career Pages are a powerful tool to strengthen your employer brand. Whether you’re struggling to hire top talent for specific functions, new geographies, or new roles, the Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages enables you to attract, engage, and hire the right talent by helping you tell a tailored story to every candidate. The improved interface also makes it easier to build and implement personalized pages with minimal resources, empowering you to tell the right story to the right talent.
Expect to Learn:
- Discover new features, get content tips, and learn best practices
- Dive into the intuitive interface to learn how to build and implement targeted audience views with minimal resources
- Explore examples and hear about other customers’ return on investment (ROI) from their new Career Pages
Learn more about LinkedIn Career Pages here: http://bit.ly/2e6BhVE

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The Power of the Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages [webcast]

  1. 1. The Power of the Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages Wednesday, Nov 2, 2016 starting at 11:00am PST | 2:00pm EST Duration: 60 Minutes
  2. 2. Speaker
  3. 3. Agenda New admin experience: Simple and Intuitive Best-in-Class Career Page Examples 1 2 3 4 What is the value of a Career Page? Introducing the Next Generation of Career Pages Q&A5
  4. 4. LinkedIn is the single best place to reach and engage the talent you want to hire 4 Members that engage with your Talent Brand are 81% more likely to respond to your InMail2 29% more likely to apply to an open job2 1 LinkedIn Internal Data, 2015 2 LinkedIn Internal Data, 2016. Engaged member = any member that was a follower, viewed your career page, viewed one of your jobs, or was exposed to one of your ads within 60 days prior to receiving an InMail 450M+ LinkedIn members & two new professionals joining every second 80% Increase in job applications year-over- year1 #1 Reason our members visit company pages is career research1
  5. 5. You can stand out by giving candidates a window into life at your company 5 Perks and benefits 54%66% Culture and values 50% Mission and vision 1 2016 Global Talent Trends Report 2 Member survey: “How and why people change jobs” – March 2015, 10.5k members 49% of candidates say the #1 obstacle to changing jobs is knowing what it’s really like to work at a company1 What candidates want to know most about your company:
  6. 6. ● Reach more of the right talent Introducing the Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages Attract great talent with an authentic, personalized look at your culture & jobs ● Tell an authentic story ● Drive quality applicants ● Measure impact
  7. 7. … After!
  8. 8. Share eye-catching videos with prospective employees Hero module is bigger & better than ever before Feature video content or static photos in the Hero space on the Life and What We Do tabs
  9. 9. Relevancy drives engagement: tailor content to target talent Viewers will automatically see the content most relevant for them Trek features company leaders and content that is relevant to two of their most important talent segments: Engineering and IT Viewers automatically see the most relevant audience view, based on their profiles
  10. 10. Tailor all page content to audiences who matters most Target based on viewer location, language, function, industry, seniority Unilever tailors content to the location & language of the viewer (examples shown: U.S. and Brazil) Company Photos & Employee Perspectives are relevant to the viewer
  11. 11. New Audience View dropdown drives discoverability Give talent the ability to explore careers across your company
  12. 12. Your employees are your greatest brand ambassadors Make them front and center Prominently feature up to 4 company leaders; members can visit their profiles to learn more about their experience Continue to highlight authentic testimonials from 1-2 employees
  13. 13. Showcase employee-generated content in Company Photos New design allows for authenticity with control Don’t let stock photos happen to you! Feature up to 20 real photos from your employees, like these examples from Undertone
  14. 14. Employee Perspectives give your page an authentic voice New design allows for authenticity with control Share 2-3 pieces of long- form content written by your employees - about your company, your values, their job, company culture, etc. Medallia features content from their engineering and sales teams, and highlights diversity in tech Add a link, easily search for any post, or select from a curated list of content based on recency and relevancy to your company
  15. 15. Traffic-driving ads target your high-priority audiences & invite them to visit your Career Pages On average, traffic-driver ads increase your company followers 68%; followers are a warm pipeline that are 3x more likely to apply1 16 1 LinkedIn Internal Data, 2016
  16. 16. Ensure top talent knows you are hiring people like them Fully automated Jobs tab puts the right opportunities in front of the right people Automatically feed viewers relevant job opportunities that meet their background, based on their LinkedIn profiles Ensure your opportunities are posted to LinkedIn to maximize job views & applications
  17. 17. Next Gen Career Pages deliver results Helps you attract great talent with an authentic, personalized look at your culture & jobs Job Views +175% +60% Page Views per Visitor
  18. 18. In-product analytics help you measure success at all stages of your recruitment pipeline Measure visitor growth and frequency; understand the demographics of talent you attract Gain competitive insight, including Talent Flows Measure impact on job engagement and pipeline 19
  19. 19. Admin tools allow you to easily edit & customize your page Charter Customers updated their page in <10 minutes after collecting content Edit mode allows you to preview or save your page prior to publishing Easily toggle modules on or off for every audience view Much more intuitive, in-line editing experience
  20. 20. Challenge: Competing for tech talent while maintaining commitment to diversity and company culture Solution: Target tech talent to their page and customize their content experience. ● Customized view specifically for tech talent that showcases what they’ll contribute to the company Results: ● 42% increase in pageviews/person ● 138% increase in job views GovDelivery Attracting tech talent to continue growth “We see that the new LinkedIn Career Pages, with the right message, will help us reach and recruit a more diverse range of candidates."
  21. 21. Challenge: Transform a traditional company & legacy employer brand in digital & social media Solution: Highlight the faces behind the company on their LinkedIn Career Pages: ● Use custom modules to share videos, images and blog posts that tell authentic employees stories Results: ● 47% increase in pageviews/person ● 75% increase in job views Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Bring a legacy company up to speed “The new LinkedIn Career Pages make us a better storyteller.”
  22. 22. Challenge: Create a unified employer brand that attracts qualified talent to serve World Vision’s mission Solution: Tell an authentic story with LinkedIn Career Pages that reaches and drives quality applicants: ● Use targeted audience views for hard-to-fill roles with specific photos, messaging and articles Results: ● 62% increase in pageviews/person ● 642% increase in job views World Vision A global nonprofit under a single employer brand “The Life tab is really exciting. It helps us share our unified employer branding story.”
  23. 23. Challenge: Attract the right talent in key segments, and get leadership involved in employer branding Solution: Target specific talent and drive quality applicants through LinkedIn Career Pages: ● Host LinkedIn profile & publishing training ● Use Employee Perspectives module to feature articles by senior leaders in key roles Results: ● 38% increase in pageviews/person ● 114% increase in job views Anheuser-Busch InBev Expand reach and hire for specific roles “Our employer brand strategy is completely focused on LinkedIn.”