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Talent Trends That Are Shaping Small Business Hiring [Webcast]

  1. 2016 Global Talent Trends That Are Shaping Small Business Hiring
  2. Introductions 2 Allison Schnidman Global Strategic Market Researcher LinkedIn Stephanie Bevegni Content Marketing Manager LinkedIn
  3. Agenda 3 What we’ll cover… • Data about professionals interested in small to mid-sized businesses • What candidates want to know about your company and jobs • Where to find candidates along their job seeking journey What you’ll learn… • Tips to recruit talent better • How to get the right people to apply to your jobs
  4. 4 About LinkedIn Talent Trends Who we surveyed: 21,000+ Global professionals interested in working at an SMB 700+ People who changed jobs to work at an SMB between February and March 2016 39 Countries around the world
  5. 5 About LinkedIn Talent Trends What we asked: How open they were to a new job What they wanted to know about your company and jobs What resources they used to change jobs ? ? ?
  6. 1 Almost everyone wants to hear from you 6
  7. Almost everyone is open to your opportunities 7 87% of global professionals say they would consider working at a small organization. A recruiter reached out. He said, ‘You have an interesting LinkedIn profile.’ He referred to my master’s thesis which was about the London Olympics and said I’d be a good fit this role. I ended up taking the job. Émilie Gauthier Assistant to the Executive Director of Sport Canadian Olympic Committee Whether or not someone is an active or passive candidate, they want to know about your open jobs.
  8. Who is interested in working for a SMB? Professionals who… • Currently work at a small business. Companies with <200 employees • Are more junior. <5 years full-time working experience • Are a millennial. 18 - 35 years old 8
  9. 2 What candidates want to know 9
  10. Candidates who went to a small business were more likely to face these roadblocks: 10 38% 28% 25% 34% 26% 27% Not knowing what it's really like to work at the company Not hearing back after applying to a company Difficulty negotiating salary, title, role, etc. Job Switchers Who Joined an SMB Job Switchers Globally Show off your culture across social media, your website, LinkedIn Company Page and job description. Follow-up with every candidate with a status update, no matter where they are in the process.
  11. Those who would consider working for a small business are most interested in… 11 2. Perks and benefits 55%66% 1. Culture and values 50% 3. Mission and vision Where to share these attributes with candidates: • Job descriptions • Company website • Social media • Blog posts & articles • LinkedIn Company Page • LinkedIn Career Page
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  15. What to share about your company 15 Give an honest perspective “Give a real picture of the company’s working environment, not the usual made-in-heaven company profile.” Explain what makes you different “Share what makes the company different from its competitors and why a potential candidate should apply for the position.” Clarify the vision and strategy “Information about the strategy/vision and ambitions of the company — not just the headlines, but HOW they will achieve their ambitions/vision.”
  16. Professionals don’t just want jobs, they want to make an impact The most common reasons why people accept a job at a small business: 16 They believed they would have more ability to make an impact 37%48% The work sounded more challenging Beef up your job description Instead of… “Identify and develop brand strategy.” Try… “This is an opportunity to shape the company’s future. You’ll define our brand positioning and build a strategic roadmap.”
  17. 17 Career trajectory “Tell me how this will impact my career and how fast an employee can grow.” Expectations and workload “Avoid clichés in describing the job/company. Be honest and upfront with what the expectations and workload will be.” Day in the life “Give a realistic day in the life of a person in that job. Good and bad. No job is perfect and I know that certain bad things can be lived with and certain bad things cannot.” Win over candidates with this information: Employee perspectives “Connect me with insiders - nothing like hearing straight from the horse's mouth.”
  18. 3 Where to find candidates 18
  19. Those who recently went to work at a small business heard about the new job through: 19 23% 14% 13% Someone they knew at the company Third-party website or online job board A staffing or head hunting firm It is helpful to be connected to people who are currently in that role or a similar role that I'm applying to or am interested in. Damien McCreath Senior Assistant Brand Manager P&G
  20. 20 48% of professionals who accepted an offer at an SMB weren’t aware of the company when they first heard about the job Unfortunately, candidates don’t know much about you:
  21. 21 67% 37% 31% 59% 34% 26% Look up the company’s website Read articles about the company online Look up company's employee profiles Job Seekers Who Joined an SMB Job Seekers Globally Candidates are more likely to do their research after first hearing about a job: Get your SEO on. Ensure your company and careers websites are up to date and search-friendly for job seekers. Rock your employee’s LinkedIn profiles. Train employees on how to build a great profile and tell compelling stories about their job and the company.
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  25. Here’s how the candidate journey plays out on LinkedIn We looked at the behaviors of millions of LinkedIn members, and discovered the most common path from candidate to hired. Connect with an employee at the company Follow your company View your job GET HIRED View your Company Page View your Career Page Reach out to an employee or apply to a job 25
  26. Takeaways 26 1. Candidates want to hear from you. Help them find you. The candidate journey starts early and has many steps. Help them discover you well before you apply by investing in common channels that candidates use before they apply to your jobs. 2. Candidates want to know your culture, values, and careers. Use your online channels to communicate what makes your company unique. Revamp your job descriptions to highlight the challenging work and performance impact. 3. Find candidates by empowering your employees. Employees are the first and last touch point in a candidate’s journey to your company. Make them aware of your open roles and referral program. Equip them to be brand ambassadors. Jobs › Jobs Slots › Recruitment ads › Company Page › Career Page › Referrrals ›
  27. Resources you can use 27 2016 Talent Trends LinkedIn Talent Blog The Recruitment Video Playbook Jobs Postings Starter Kit
  28. LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers a full suite of tools to help you find, attract, and hire top candidates. Contact us to learn more. Call 855-655-5653 or visit Q&A