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Hiring Practices That Attract Investors [webcast]

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Growing your business to the next level takes more than a great idea -- it takes funding. Did you know that investors say the number one thing they look for when deciding to invest is talent?

From SC Moatti, Managing Director of The Angels' Forum, you'll learn:
- 3 characteristics investors look for in a strong team
- The hiring recipe that spells failure
- Why diversity and culture matter
- And more

To learn more, visit us here: http://bit.ly/2cCJq8E

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Hiring Practices That Attract Investors [webcast]

  1. 1. Hiring Practices That Attract Investors ​ September 20, 2016
  2. 2. Welcome to “Hiring Practices That Attract Investors” The webcast will start momentarily. Grow your business with LinkedIn Talent Solutions ADVERTISE your open jobs with Work With Us Ads 2 BUILD your brand with Career Pages 3 POST your Jobs with Job Slots 4 FIND top candidates with Recruiter 1 Request a demo and further explore Talent Solutions bit.ly/contacttalentsolutions
  3. 3. Hi! It’s nice to meet you. #hiretowin Suzanne Tran Sr. Marketing Manager LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/suztran SC Moatti Managing Director The Angels’ Forum linkedin.com/in/scmoatti SC Moatti is the managing director of The Angels’ Forum, an early-stage hybrid venture fund, and founder of Products That Count, a community of 12,000+ product managers and innovators that produces a popular speaker series on product design. A mobile veteran from Silicon Valley and a pioneer in the areas of mobile, innovation and leadership, Moatti served as an executive at companies like Facebook, Trulia and Nokia, launching and monetizing award-winning mobile products that are now used by billions of people. Moatti is also the author of the best-selling book Mobilized: An Insider’s Guide to the Business and Future of Connected Technology.
  4. 4. Today’s session will cover: a. The Trends: SMB Growth & Investment Data b. Investor Evaluation Checklist c. Talent Is a Priority: Makeup, Structure, & Culture • Top Management Characteristics • Diversity & Culture Play a Role • Most Common Mistakes And Pitfalls d. Top Hiring Areas to Focus On e. Best Hiring Sources for Top Talent #hiretowin
  5. 5. SMB Growth & Investor Data #hiretowin 1
  6. 6. 6#hiretowin Competition For Funding Is Fierce 550,000 New owners emerge monthly 2015 44% Investment Increase vs. 2014 VCs $128.5B In 2015 2016 Promise for SMBs Sources: Forbes, Kauffman Foundation The State Of Emerging & Growing SMBs 7 of 10 New employers survive
  7. 7. Investor Evaluation Checklist What Investors Ask And Look For When Evaluating A Business #hiretowin 2
  8. 8. 8#hiretowin Investor Evaluation Checklist 1 Overview 10 second summary of What you do For whom So they can do what Where 3 Demo Showcase what will be sold Live demo Video mockup Illustrative mockup 4 Market Understand market landscape What’s the problem Why does it exist How big is the opportunity 5 Solution Know your value proposition What is your solution How can you solve it faster, cheaper, smarter 6 Business Model Specify how you make money What are you selling What’s the pricing model Where can it be purchased 2 Team Proof that team is qualified Work history Network & reputation Skills Culture
  9. 9. 9#hiretowin Investor Evaluation Checklist (cont.) 7 Customers Understand the user base Who are you targeting How will you reach them What is the messaging 9 Financial Overview How much money is expected Expected revenue Expenses 3-year forecast 10 Funding How much is needed How much is the ask Where will the funds go Detail team growth & investment strategy 11 Milestones Detailed milestones for success What is the future vision What are the milestones over 3 years time 12 Legal Status Company legal stance Where are you incorporated Are there plans to relocate some all of your team 8 Competition Who are you up against List major competitors Understand competitive advantages
  10. 10. 10#hiretowin Top SMB Pitfalls 1 2 3 4 5 Underestimating time needed for fundraising Poor presentation & interpersonal skills Insufficient detail about the business’s future plans, cash flow & use of funds Poor reputation & representation of leadership team Poor team structure & growth planning
  11. 11. Talent Should Be a Priority Investors look for a strong management team, workforce & culture #hiretowin 3
  12. 12. Strong Talent Results In Success The Impact Of Talent 12#hiretowin TALENT Is the #1 area of focus 3X Likely to grow into large businesses 4X Likely to create more jobs 4X Likely to exceed profit goals 5X Likely to exceed sales goals Out perform competitors 22% In YoY profit growth Can increase company value by $1-2M Sources: Gallup, Berkus Technology Ventures,
  13. 13. 13#hiretowin Evaluating Management & Leadership Teams The 1st Step In The Talent Evaluation Process:
  14. 14. What is culture? Importance Of Culture 14#hiretowin
  15. 15. Business Impact Importance Of Culture 15#hiretowin Employees are 12% more productive 14:1 Businesses out perform the S&P Index 2.5x More revenue growth 34% Less turnover 63% Better performance from female founder Founding teams under 25 perform 30% above average Sources: Forbes, Columbia University, First Round,
  16. 16. Measure Your Culture How You & Investors Can 1 Employee confidence in management 3 Employee retention & knowledge transfer Adaptability to change 2 Glassdoor Adaptability questionnaire NPS & Turnover Rates
  17. 17. 4 Ease of hiring Conversion Rates Recognition 6 Simple Assessment Employee Voice Survey 5 Employee Diversity Measure Your Culture How You And Investors Can
  18. 18. 18#hiretowin Top SMB Pitfalls 1 Mismatch between job and hire Take the time to create a hiring plan and to detail the roles you’re looking to fill 2 Lack of work / life culture 29% of American employees resign due to work overload and lack of healthy work-life balance (Cornerstone) 3 4 5 Below market compensation packages 66% of employees whose offices provide free snacks or beverages report being extremely or very happy with their current job (PeaPod) Feeling undervalued 75% of employees receiving at least monthly recognition (even if informal) are satisfied with their job (BambooHR) Stunted growth + lack of coaching, guidance, and leadership 51% of employees report they receive “no input” or “input only once in a while” from superiors on how to perform better in their roles (Mercer)
  19. 19. What Roles / Departments to Hire Into First Questions To Ask #hiretowin 4
  20. 20. Where To Start Hiring What Roles And Departments To Prioritize 20#hiretowin
  21. 21. Best Sources for Top Talent Tips #hiretowin 5
  22. 22. Sources for Top Talent Tips & Tricks 22#hiretowin
  23. 23. LinkedIn is a good starting point! Tips & Tricks 2 3 4 FIND top candidates with Recruiter 1 ADVERTISE your open jobs with Work With Us Ads BUILD your brand with Career Pages POST your Jobs with Job Slots 23#hiretowin
  24. 24. Summary #hiretowin 6
  25. 25. 25#hiretowin Key Take-Aways 1 Competition for funding is more competitive than before Know your business inside and out. 2 Prioritize hiring top talent and building a strong culture Prioritize building a high-performing and respected team. Don’t overlook the importance of culture. 3 4 5 Measure your culture and continue to keep employees engaged Employee voice surveys can reveal key findings and allow you to implement solutions. Build a hiring strategy Detail a strategy in advance for headcount and where to hire for the year. Align your management and hiring teams on the type of candidates you are looking for. Use a mix of hiring tools In addition to traditional job postings, activate modern recruiting tools (social professional networks, employer branding, referrals) to generate more awareness.
  26. 26. LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers a full suite of tools to help you find, attract, and hire top candidates. Contact us to learn more. Call 855-655-5653 or visit bit.ly/contacttalentsolutions Let’s connect! #hiretowin SC Moatti Managing Director The Angels’ Forum linkedin.com/in/scmoatti
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