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Building an EVP from scratch, in-house, super fast, for free, based on real data: The Uber story | Talent Connect 2016

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Andrew Levy, Uber

Researching and defining an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is one of the most important undertakings an organization can do. After all, EVP is how your employees feel about work and how candidates evaluate you as a potential employer. When done right, a good EVP helps you effectively, efficiently recruit and retain the best talent for your specific culture. Without EVP, your recruiters and employees may not be telling a consistent, truthful story about work.

For most organizations, EVP is a terrifying task -- it requires a significant investment of time and money -- often paid to a consulting firm. I'm here to tell you a different story of constructing an EVP. At Uber, we turned this process on it's head and decided to build EVP quickly and lightly, for free, in house, using tons of data points. Here's how we did it...

Session highlights:
-You and your recruitment team are likely telling/selling the wrong story to candidates about your company without even knowing it. Years of reporting structures, cascading goals, and executive speeches have conditioned us to repeat messaging form the top even if it doesn't match the reality in the ranks.
-Brand definition work does not require monetary investment by the part of HR, recruiting, or brand marketing. An EVP can be researched, defined, and disseminated using completely free tools.
-The success of your EVP project can be measured out in the marketplace with candidates and internally with your employees. Doing the work to understand EVP has much broader implications outside of recruiting and can help illuminate the most impactful HR programming your organization should tackle.

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Building an EVP from scratch, in-house, super fast, for free, based on real data: The Uber story | Talent Connect 2016

  1. 1. ​Andrew Levy ​Head of Careers Brand, Uber ​@alevs34 / alevy@uber.com How Uber built an EVP from scratch - with data, In-house, for free
  2. 2. 1. What’s EVP and why does it matter 2. Uber’s problem and what we did 3. So I defined my EVP, now what 4. What’s next for Uber 5. Q&A & witty banter Why you should put down your phone for a second (aka today’s agenda)
  3. 3. What is EVP anyway? EVP = employee value proposition EVP = your company’s unique offerings, associations and values as experienced by employees
  4. 4. What isn’t EVP? EVP ≠ something you can proclaim. It exists already. It can be understood, described, and illuminated by data. EVP ≠ company values ≠ executive perspectives EVP ≠ static format. It can be public or private.
  5. 5. Why does defining your EVP matter? Know your reality: tell a consistent, truthful, accurate, and compelling story about work Selling BS is wrong: own the truth and use it as the foundation for all careers content Recruit better: candidate alignment with EVP increases recruitment efficiency and culture-fit hires Keep people working: aligned employees have higher retention and satisfaction at work Track progress and do something: build HR programs around what you do and don’t like, see how you did over time
  6. 6. Uber’s story: we had / have issues 1. Insane hiring targets 2. Tenure. Uber’s a new company every few months 3. Inconsistent onboarding for recruiters 4. Cultural values define everything 5. …but values are written for internal eyes only 6. No consistent external story 7. No budget (duh, that’s a given)
  7. 7. 1. Screw hiring an agency, do it yourself 2. Define stakeholders 3. Run competitor analysis 4. Crunch data you already have 5. Jam and write EVP w/ brand team 6. Review with stakeholders 7. Infuse in everything 8. Test in the market 9. Measure, play, rinse, repeat The solution’s simple if you approach it simply
  8. 8. How we actually did it Data Sources 1. Uber Team Survey (UTS) (Dec, 2015) 14% of recipients (780/5,733) responded to open-ended question 2. Glassdoor Reviews (all-time) 550 responses (driver partners excluded) 3. Culture Survey (TCS) (Mar, 2016) 49% of recipients (3349/6858) responded to open-ended question For each of the 14 values 1. ID key words that map to values 2. Count positive, negative, neutral mentions (overall, by org, by geo) in data 3. Sum number responses 4. Calculate Net Sentiment [#positive - # negative / total mentions] from data 5. Write EVP statements in brand voice using weighted net sentiment from combined data sources
  9. 9. Data says…employees are natural recruiters and brutally honest internally
  10. 10. Other interesting things we found out about ourselves Employees positively experience… –Uber’s mission –The celebration of the cities we work in –Our risk-taking / test & fail culture –All-hands-on-deck / ownership culture –Keeping optimistic in the face of criticism Employees negatively experience… –Inability to recharge outside of work –Increasing bureaucracy as the company grows in size –Decisions made by rank, not by merit of idea Overall… • We weren’t selling what employees love most about Uber • We were overselling the company’s growth story – a messaged stressed at the exec level • The [personal / company / local] impact angle and [personal] growth / learning aspect of work is a stronger message according to data • There wasn’t a signal in the data to regionalize
  11. 11. Our EVP: the grand reveal
  12. 12. What we do EVP Pillar One We’re building something people use everyday. Whether it’s heading home from work, getting a meal from your favorite restaurant delivered to your door, or earning extra income for the next vacation, Uber is becoming part of the fabric of daily life. We’re making cities safer, smarter, and more connected. And we’re doing it at a global scale—energizing local economies and bringing opportunity to millions of people around the world. The impact is visible and measurable, and that drives us to keep moving forward. How we do it EVP Pillar Two There’s no blueprint for what we want to build; the old way of doing things won’t lead us to the next great idea. Redefining the way cities move requires both determination and imagination. We reject the status quo, and we’re relentless in our pursuit of the most creative solution. We’re breaking new ground. It takes both big swings and precise strokes, effort and expertise. We perfect the small details to pursue the big goals.
  13. 13. Who we are EVP Pillar Three What we do and how we do it isn’t easy. It takes a certain type of person. The type of person who wants responsibility and accountability in equal measure because they have the capacity to deliver. Someone who runs towards adversity, because knowing how to get up is more important than getting knocked down. Someone who seeks work that’s challenging, because the challenge is the reward. We think and act beyond our job description because we believe in what we’re building. There are very few easy days of work here, but every day is worthwhile. Everyday we learn. Why we love it EVP Pillar Four Our mission isn’t something that can be accomplished alone. The new idea and the inspiration to try again comes from the person at the next desk—the person who makes you want to be better and can also help get you there. We believe excellence is achieved through enthusiasm, and teamwork breeds success. In any Uber office around the world, the energy is palpable and the excitement is contagious. As long as smart, driven people are working together on hard problems, we know we’re moving in the right direction.
  14. 14. § Create a culture deck to test in the market, on social, with ads § Make videos in the voice of the employee, roll out with social retargeting campaigns § Refresh the careers website and job description creation process § Train everyone, train them again § Do this whole process over What’s next for Uber?
  15. 15. Free template: t.uber.com/EVPTemplate Free awesome stuff for you!
  16. 16. Ok, enough of this dude talking. Let’s ask him complex and awkwardly personal questions. ​-The Audience