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Books Every Recruiter Must Read This Summer 2013

Ten experienced talent acquisition professionals share their must-read books for this summer, and the beverages that perfectly pair with each read. The book suggestions are meant to be hone your recruiter senses and give you perspective on leadership, finding top candidates, and improving your own career path.

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Books Every Recruiter Must Read This Summer 2013

  1. 10 Riveting Recruiting Reads for the Summer and what to imbibe while reading them
  2. Jeremy Langhans Manager of Global Talent Acquisition at Expedia Riveting read: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell Summer drink: Scotch. Don’t skimp on the good stuff. It's a book about rapid cognition, about the kind of thinking that happens in a blink of an eye. In Talent Acquisition we make quick assessments all the time. When reviewing someone's online profile, during that initial conversation, and within seconds of meeting them. This book will help you understand what's really happening in that dynamic moment. Image by Big Max Power
  3. Riveting read: Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin Summer drink: Sands beer because I will be in the Exumas. Glen Cathey a.k.a. Boolean Black Belt VP of Sourcing & Recruiting Center of Expertise at Ranstad Sourceright US Why? Because it thoroughly debunks the myth of innate/natural talent, and provides a very specific and effective formula that anyone can follow to become great at their job (or anything, for that matter). Image by A Guy Taking Pictures
  4. Riveting read: Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson Summer drink: Slushy vodka lemonade (w/ reggae band in the background) Brett Underhill Director of Recruiting Programs at Prudential This is a book about dealing with change -- a very relevant topic, given the shift recruitment has taken with the rapid and ever-changing pace of technology (such as social media, mobile, search engines, etc.). Gone are the days of "post and pray." The old tricks will not work in getting the "A" players. Image by szeke
  5. Riveting read: The Essential Guide to Hiring and Getting Hired by Lou Adler Summer drink: Throwback Mountain Dew Michael Ganiere Strategic Sourcing Leader at Johnson Controls It's a great read for new recruiters, but I really appreciate that he combines tips for HR/TA people, hiring managers, AND candidates throughout the entire book. There are a lot of great tips about how to manage hiring manager/candidate expectations expectations, and how to make them partners in the whole process. Image by Tim Donnelly
  6. Riveting read: Great by Choice by Jim Collins & Morten Hansen Summer drink: It’s winter in Australia, so Ardbeg Corryvreckan malt whisky. Keith Wilkinson General Manager People and Services at Origin Energy The book reveals a number of key traits and attributes demonstrated by leaders who have delivered results. We should not focus on “filling roles” but on discovering the best talent available for the roles we know we have now, and then finding the people that will take our organizations forward into the uncertain future. Image by Maria Ignatova
  7. Riveting read: The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer Summer drink: Baileys on the rocks Jason Seiden CEO of Ajax Workforce Marketing The similarities between sales and recruiting are numerous. This book will help recruiters hone their ability to find, connect with, and engage the right people for their organization... and hearing familiar ideas presented from a sales point of view may make it easier to break old habits and try new ideas. Image by SergioTudela
  8. Riveting read: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg Summer drink: Starbucks Quad Venti Skim Iced Latte Rachel Book Associate Director of Global Talent Attraction & Diversity at AT&T Every recruiter I know can write a book about the coaching and (sometimes career-related) therapy we provide to our candidates. So when you’re out recruiting on campus or interviewing entry-level candidates, help boost their confidence and inspire them to lean in using Sheryl’s advice. Image by Topyti
  9. Riveting read: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall Summer drink: A nice spicy Gin and Tonic Ted Meulenkamp Global Program Manager Employer Branding and Social Media at Roche A journalist discovers a tribe in Mexico that is capable of running for days on end without stopping, wearing virtually no shoes. While investigating how it is physically possible, he discovers that the human body is designed as a perfect running machine. Not the fastest, but capable of running animals to exhaustion. 
 What does that have to do with recruitment? Go back to the basics. Perhaps it is time to kick out the gadgets and do what we are supposed to be good at. Image by cuellar
  10. Riveting read: The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell Summer drink: A Dark and Stormy Drew Koloski Lead Recruiter at Offerpop If you can get past the left-ish undertones, you'll be blown away at the lengths Orwell goes to in order to grasp the struggle of the unemployed in Britain in the 1930's. I think all recruiters should take a mental break from hiring managers pushing us to hire the most talented person ever, and think about unemployment and how we can make things even a little better. Image by laszlo-photo
  11. Riveting read: To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink Summer drink: Modelo Especial Cerveza, extra cold, no lime Marty Millington SVP of HR and Organizational Development at Quantros Whether we are influencing friends or pitching new ideas, we spend a lot of time trying to “move” people. In this book, Pink talks about the “ABC’s” (Always Be Closing) of persuading others. He offers keen insights about effective communication, while suggesting ways to perceive and transform our world. This book has changed how I view and interface with others. Image by iujaz
  12. What should every recruiter read this summer? Share your riveting reads with hashtag #recruitingread Follow @HireOnLinkedin for the latest recruiting trends and tips Cover image courtesy of joeltesch.com
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