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The Art of Selling with LinkedIn

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The Art of Selling with LinkedIn

  1. 1. The Art of Selling with LinkedIn Patrick Burke Global Onboarding Senior Sales Productivity Consultant LinkedIn Sales Solutions
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda 9:00 Registration & Networking 9:30 The Art of Selling with LinkedIn Break: 10 Minutes 12:00 OPTIONAL | Demos & Networking
  3. 3. Each of you come away understanding the value of modern selling and specific implementation tactics to improve your sales process. This session will be successful if…
  4. 4. Global State of Sales Survey 4
  5. 5. Conventional SalesTactics Are Losing Deals
  6. 6. Conventional SalesWisdom Call High Lead with GreatQuestions Touch 7Times
  7. 7. Call High Lead with GreatQuestions Touch 7Times Conventional SalesWisdom Complex Buying Committees Heightened Buyer Expectations Conventional TacticsDon’t Deliver+ =
  8. 8. 6.8 57done with the buying process before you know they ever started % 90of decision makers say they never respond to cold outreach % people are now involved in the average B2B buying decision Corporate Executive Board 2013 – Winning The Consensus Purchase Corporate Executive Board 2012 – New Decision Timeline Harvard Business Review 2012 – Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy. Decision makers are C-level The buying process is changing
  9. 9. Modern Selling Targetthe full buyingcommittee Understand beforeyou ask Engagefrom1st contactto final contract
  10. 10. What &Why Modern Selling? 10
  11. 11. 5 minutes 1. In 2 or 3 sentences please describe your definition of Social Selling 2. Log on to Slido.com 3. Enter M865 4. Type in your answer Modern Selling What is your definition of Social Selling? In 2 or 3 sentences please describe your definition of Social Selling
  12. 12. OneWord: Relationships 12
  13. 13. Reach more of the right customers Strengthening our relationships with customers Modern Selling can help
  14. 14. Billions of Members,Trillions of Data Points World’s Largest Social Network World’s Largest Professional Network World’s Largest Presidential Megaphone Share Ideas Provide Updates Follow Influencers Get Advice Learn Skills
  15. 15. How we do we define modern selling?Is it a resource, a methodology, or a blend? 15
  16. 16. -The Framework - Social Prospecting & Outreach
  17. 17. 5 minutes 1. List 2 or 3 of the most critical competencie s of prospecting 2. Log on to Slido.com 3. Enter M865 4. Type in your answer Modern Selling What are the most critical components when prospecting? List 2 or 3 of the most critical competencies of prospecting
  18. 18. Social Outreach Framework Target Understand Engage Why Social Prospecting or Outreach? • More Strategic • Better Customer Experience • Better Results
  19. 19. Social Outreach Framework Target Understand Engage 45% Increase in Pipeline 13% Larger Average Sales Price 51% Higher Probability of Reps Making Quota
  20. 20. Target The practice of identifying & prioritizing the right prospects or individuals through social insights Who do you currently target? How are you targeting them?
  21. 21. TargetTarget – Prioritize & Identify Strategic Core Emerging Transactional High Propensity to Buy Low Propensity to Buy High Size of Prize Low Size of Prize
  22. 22. What is Multi-Threading? Having a relationship with 5+ influential individuals within an organization. Target
  23. 23. Target 6.8Average number involved in the buying decision 20%Of decision makers change roles every year 24%Forecasted deals go dark Why should we Multi-Thread?
  24. 24. EXAMPLE:Target Function • Sales • Marketing • Operations • Sales Enablement • Finance Seniority Level • C-Level • Partner • VP • Director Who are the “right people” for your business? DISCUSS
  25. 25. | ACTIVITY | Function • __________ • __________ • __________ • __________ • __________ Seniority Level • __________ • __________ • __________ • __________ • __________ Instructions:Think of your line of business and what seniority level
  26. 26. Understand How important are “referrals” to your business?
  27. 27. Understand The practice of identifying the warmest path of introduction and utilizing insights to create a compelling reason to connect or to maintain and grow the relationship.
  28. 28. Understand 1. Can you identify a first degree connection or second degree connection? Warmest Path 2. If not, then send out a compelling outreach (Inmail, email, etc.) leading with insights
  29. 29. Understand Warm Introductions 12% 20% 22% 41% 51% 53% 10 20 30 40 50 60 Have similar skills Follow the same group Worked at the same company Attend the same school Common connections Attend the same school at the same time (%)
  30. 30. Social contract • Remember you’re asking a favor of someone Make it easy • Offer to ghost-write the note Engage Common courtesy • Say please & thank you • Keep them in the loop * Follow-through is Key!!! Warm Introductions
  31. 31. From: Sally Sales Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2017 8:53 AM To: Jim VP of Sales Subject: Allison VP of Sales at XYZ Communications - Insight? Hi Jim, While using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, I was able to identify that you are a TeamLink connection with Allison VP of Sales at XYZ Communications. Given your relationship, do you think it would make sense to leverage an introduction to Allison? To provide some context, I noticed that there their sales organization is fairly average in some key social metrics with regards to their industry peers. For example, they rank second to last in people searches on LinkedIn and they also rank considerably low on profile page views, with 17% versus their peers high of 51%. Typically this is a strong indicator that there may be value in discussing how LinkedIn Sales Solutions can benefit their business. Let me know if you’d be open to providing an introduction, and if not, no worries at all. **GIVE INSIGHT WHY – Looks like XY Communications already has high engagement with 20 seats, etc** I can certainly always try and find another way in! Thanks in advance for your consideration, Sally From: Jim VP of Sales Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2017 1:02 AM To: Allison@xyccommunications.com' Subject: Allison VP of Sales at XYZ Communications - Insight? Hi Allison, Hope you’ve been well. Please see below… one of my reps asked me for an introduction to you. It looks like XYZ is lagging their peers in social selling according to our data. Please let me know if you’d like an introduction to Sally so she can share more with you. Thanks, Jim
  32. 32. Engage Why was that a great intro request? 1. Connection doesn’t have to pitch product – already included in email 2. References how you use your own product 3. Provides insights 4. Requires little work on connection’s part Warm Introductions
  33. 33. Engage Name Drops • Fast & Lightweight • Ask unwilling connections if they are comfortable with the name drop • It’s usually appropriate to namedrop without permission Warm Introductions
  34. 34. Engage Right-side, Left-side Outreach Appeal first to emotional (right) side of the brain… • Personal interests • School pride • Articles and posts • Recommendations …Before challenging the logical (left) side of the brain • Insights • Data • Rankings When not starting with an intro, the most effective personalized outbound messaging follows a simple two step formula: 1 2 Compelling Outreach Leading with Insights
  35. 35. - 10 Minutes - BREAK
  36. 36. How to Engage & Understand
  37. 37. It’s not personal…it’s business It’s all personal
  38. 38. Messaging -Yesterday vs.Tomorrow Yesterday Tomorrow
  39. 39. ACTION OUTCOME Lead with Problem Insights: Acknowledges a problem Understands that Product is Adoptable and Affordable Adoption will be high Impact will be high Call to Action & Sequence of Events Motivated to take the next steps Messaging: 4 Stages Problem Solution Beliefs Close Recognize Value Prop is the best solution to the problem Teaching Learning 1 Understand 2 3 4 Target Engage Speed 1 2 3 4
  40. 40. Jumping In!
  41. 41. Be Credible: Do your Homework before the call first! 1. Person 2. Company 3. Industry 4. Market Conditions
  42. 42. The Who, What, Where,Why of Selling Hypothesis of a buyerWho What Where Why
  43. 43. Teach Set the stage for the call and gain agreement • Time Frame • Objective of the call for the seller as well as objective for the buyer • Agenda • Agree to move forward
  44. 44. Teach Cause 2 Bigges t Cause Cause 1 Cause 3 Cause 4 LEARN What is the impact if we don’t solve the problem? What would success look like?
  45. 45. | EXAMPLE | Industry: Marketing Overarching Problem: Traditional advertising is less effective and increasing in costs. Key Causes of Problem: 1. Consumers can tune out more ads 2. Difficult to target leading to irrelevant impression 3. Cant effectively track a true ROI Gain Agreement on Problem Review Cause and uncover which one or ones are most relevant pain * Use this as a trigger to Learn and go into discovery *
  46. 46. Complete worksheet about your own organization: | ACTIVITY | 46
  47. 47. LEARN - AKA Discovery –
  48. 48. Goals of Discovery Uncover critical Information • Learn key Priorities for business and individual • Understand challenges holding them back from achieving priorities. • Qualify there is a need • Quantify the impact of not taking action
  49. 49. Be a Legendary Storyteller!
  50. 50. SELLING VALUE + ESTABLISHING ROI Tailored to client’s use case Quantified End Result Opportunity Cost of Not Having Feature Story-Telling Framework 1. Point – before you tell your story, make your point… start by answering the question or making your key statement. 2. Person – the story MUST be about a person. That is what brings the story to life. It’s important to introduce the person and share a bit about them. It’s also effective to just ask the listener to imagine a story where they are the key character. 3. Problem – this is where you set up the pain point that must be solved. It’s important to not just describe the pain point, but to explain how it impacts the main character. How does it make them feel or how does it impact them personally? 4. Solution – your product solves the person’s problem. Make sure you’re communicating how it does so. 5. Takeaway – What is the lesson they should remember?
  51. 51. • Highlight Value of Feature to Establish ROI • Tailored to use case of client • Quantified end result • Opportunity cost of not having feature Storytelling Best Practices
  52. 52. Take 5 minutes to create a story of how the feature used in the last activity solves for the overarching problem | ACTIVITY |
  53. 53. What Does Success Look Like?  Established with the customer a need to change  Prescriptively closing the call Closing the First Call
  54. 54. The Pre-Close & SOE:Your Upfront Contract What does pre-closing sound like? o “If” & “Then” statements, & “When?” & “Who”  i.e. “If we were able to prove that this solution can solve for the challenges we discussed, then how do you envision the buying process play out? Would it require consensus buy in, who, when?”  “If things were to align, then when would you be looking to implement?” o Prescriptive & Compassionate o Gaining agreement along the way
  55. 55. Confirm It In Writing! Sending a written follow up is imperative & will drastically reduce:  Dark deals  No shows  Forecasting uncertainty  “We’ll talk about it internally and get back to you…” Thanks Ed - pleasure connecting this morning. Below is a summary of what we discussed, and what we will be addressing in our next meeting Thursday, specific to your Sales Navigator use case. Attached as well is the pricing sheet and recommendations below on next steps, per our typical sales process. (Please feel free to add or modify if necessary.) Goals: Increased revenue (2x growth plan) through hunting business Challenges: • Selling to large prospect pool, hard to identify the right opportunities • Low prospect engagement; need to differentiate against big players in market • Long deal cycles; stuck at mid level (need to get to C -level) Tentative Evaluation Timeline • Thurs 6/9: Next meeting to review the recommended Sales Navigator proposal • Attendees: You, John, and Peter in Marketing • Thurs/Mon 6/9- 6/13: Decision on proposal • If yes, identify any additional internal sign off required (does Marketing/Finance need to approve or a PO required?) • 6/14: Contract generated and signed • 6/15: Intro to relationship manager, Alice Smith - Success plan put in place. • 6/16: LinkedIn customized kick-off training session with the team - Best practice sharing. If all looks right, please just reply “Ok.” and respond to the question above. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  56. 56. Modern Selling is Inevitable
  57. 57. Thank you!