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LinkedIn Summer Sales Guide - B2B Sales Influencers #LISummerGuide

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What are you going to do this summer? Don't fret, we have asked some of the greatest minds in sales for recommendations on books, television and movies to passs the time.

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LinkedIn Summer Sales Guide - B2B Sales Influencers #LISummerGuide

  1. SUMMER SALES GUIDEThe Sales Leaders Picks#LISummerGuideClick and join theconversation
  2. Ashley HedgeLinkedIn Sales Solution Account Executive: Transforming sales teamsthrough social sellingSydney Area, AustraliaCurrent - LinkedInau.linkedin.com/in/ashleyhedge#LISummerGuide
  3. “being able to act intelligentlyand instinctively in the momentis possible only after a long andrigorous of education andexperience”Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power ofThinking without Thinking#LISummerGuide
  4. “It isnt what you have or whoyou are or where you are orwhat you are doing that makesyou happy or unhappy. It is whatyou think about it.”― Dale Carnegie, How to WinFriends and Influence People#LISummerGuide
  5. Craig RosenbergCo-Founder at TOPO - Helping companies with theirsales, marketing, revenue.San Francisco Bay AreaCurrent - TOPO Inc.www.linkedin.com/in/craigrosenberg#LISummerGuide
  6. “You cant losewhat you dont putin the middle.”Rounders#LISummerGuide
  7. The Office#LISummerGuide
  8. Brian RemingtonSocial Sales Leader: Helping Sales Leaders Increase their Pipelines usingSocial SellingSan Francisco Bay AreaCurrent - LinkedInwww.linkedin.com/in/brianremingtonlinkedin#LISummerGuide
  9. “How do you know theguaranteed fairy isntsome crazy glue sniffer.He sneaks into yourhouse once and thats allit takes. Next thing youknow, there is moneymissing off your dresserand your daughter isknocked up! Ive seen it ahundred times.”Tommy Callahan III#LISummerGuide
  10. #LISummerGuide
  11. Trish BertuzziInside Sales Thinker, Writer, Builder: Integrating phone, web &social strategiesGreater Boston AreaCurrent - The Bridge Group, Inc.www.linkedin.com/in/trishbertuzzi#LISummerGuide
  12. Lean In“A great businessread for everywoman regardlessof where she is, or isnot, in her career.”-Trish Bertuzzi#LISummerGuide
  13. John PhilpinMakingThe Social Enterprise work for customersSan Francisco Bay AreaCurrent - Reality Workswww.linkedin.com/in/johnphilpin#LISummerGuide
  14. “These are the newleads. These are theGlengarry leads. And toyou theyre gold, andyou dont get them.Why? Because to givethem to you would bethrowing them away.Theyre for closers.”#LISummerGuide
  15. Dan SwiftDirector of Sales, LinkedIn Sales Solutions: Helping companiesleverage the worlds largest professional networkNew York, New YorkCurrent - LinkedInwww.linkedin.com/in/danjswift#LISummerGuide
  16. "If people are being paid tothink, isnt it time thebusiness world found outwhat the thing doing thework, the brain, is allabout?"David Rock#LISummerGuide
  17. Matt BertuzziB2B marketer, Inside Sales thinker & Salesforce.com MVPGreater BostonCurrent - The Bridge Groupwww.linkedin.com/in/mattbertuzzi#LISummerGuide
  18. If you ever wanted a lesson in how teamwork, depth & heart canovercome, take a look at the 2013 Boston Bruins through the first 3rounds of the post-season.#LISummerGuide
  19. “Every want to observe aruthlessly competitive salessituation from the outside?This is it.Persuasion, dishonesty, mud-slinging - all in all, veryrevealing.”Matt Bertuzzi#LISummerGuide
  20. “Got a feeling that yourcompetitors stats are BS?Learn the foundation forchallenging their claims.”Matt Bertuzzi#LISummerGuide
  21. Gary (Gary S. Hart) HartA catalyst for sales and marketing improvement.Charlottesville, Virginia AreaCurrent - Sales Du Jourwww.linkedin.com/in/garyshart#LISummerGuide
  22. “The greatest assetin any company is itsleadership. Thesecond greatestasset lies in its abilityto grow newleaders.”- Mark Hunter#LISummerGuide
  23. “Do YOU Mean Business shouldbe the required ‘field manual’ forany entrepreneur, sales orengineering leader. Now I knowhow to make engineers my bestadvocates and partners increating value for my clients.”– James R. Kanary, Business UnitManager, Healthcare InformationTechnology industry#LISummerGuide
  24. Kerri JankelowTransforming the way companies grow their business through socialsellingToronto, Canada AreaCurrent - LinkedInca.linkedin.com/in/kerrijankelow#LISummerGuide
  25. SHARK TANK on ABC#LISummerGuide
  26. Dragons DenLaunching a business is no small task. No matter how big an ideayou think you have, it still takes a lot of work and a ton of cash.#LISummerGuide
  27. Risky Business 1983Porsche. There is no substitute.#LISummerGuide
  28. Boiler Room - 2000They say money cant buy happiness?Look at the smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby.#LISummerGuide
  29. Office Space - 1999Hi, Peter. Whats happening?We need to talk about your TPS reports.#LISummerGuide
  30. The Challenger Sale“I understand yourworld.” and “I’m nothere to waste yourtime asking you toteach me about yourbusiness.”#LISummerGuide
  31. Money Ball - 2011“Managers tend to pick a strategy that is the least likely to fail, ratherthen to pick a strategy that is most efficient,” " The pain of looking bad isworse than the gain of making the best move.”#LISummerGuide
  32. “In school we learn that mistakesare bad, and we are punished formaking them. Yet, if you look atthe way humans are designed tolearn, we learn by makingmistakes. We learn to walk byfalling down. If we never felldown, we would never walk.”― Robert T. Kiyosaki, RichDad, Poor Dad#LISummerGuide
  33. “Greatness is not afunction of circumstance.Greatness, it turns out, islargely a matter ofconscious choice, anddiscipline.”― Jim Collins, Good to Great#LISummerGuide
  34. “We overlook just howlarge a role we all play--and by we I meansociety--in determiningwho makes it and whodoesnt.”― MalcolmGladwell, Outliers: TheStory of Success#LISummerGuide
  35. Arlene (Setacci) KarramTransforming Business Through Social MediaToronto, Canada AreaCurrent - LinkedInca.linkedin.com/in/arlenekarram#LISummerGuide
  36. #LISummerGuide
  37. To execute well theremust beaccountability, cleargoals, accurate methodsto measureperformance, and theright rewards for peoplewho perform…#LISummerGuide
  38. #LISummerGuide
  39. "A company culturecannot be imposedor mandated. It mustgrow from withinover a long period.”- Isadore Sharp#LISummerGuide
  40. #LISummerGuide
  41. “If you pick the rightpeople and give themthe opportunity tospread their wings andput compensation as acarrier behind it youalmost dont have tomanage them.”Jack Welch#LISummerGuide
  42. #LISummerGuide
  43. “We change ourbehavior when the painof staying the samebecomes greater thanthe pain of changing.Consequences give usthe pain that motivatesus to change.”― Henry Cloud#LISummerGuide
  44. “The leader’s Attitude is like athermostat for the place sheworks. If her attitude is good, theatmosphere is pleasant, and theenvironment is easy to work in.But if her attitude is bad, thetemperature is insufferable.”― John C. Maxwell, The 360Degree Leader: Developing YourInfluence from Anywhere in theOrganization#LISummerGuide
  45. Lori RichardsonB2B Mid-Market Sales Growth Expert & SocialSelling Trainer, Tools & Process ConsultantGreater Boston AreaCurrent - Score More Saleswww.linkedin.com/in/scoremoresales#LISummerGuide
  46. “I gotta take off thiscoat. I cant think inthis coat...THECOAT, I cant think inthe coat.”- Colombo#LISummerGuide
  47. “Help me help you.”#LISummerGuide
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