The Message From Water - in English Children's Version

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Water Peace Project prints and distributes the "Message from Water" children's book for FREE with the donations received. Please Support the effort of the EPP USA at

MISSION : To teach all people, especially children, the true nature of Water. Connecting to the power of our words, thoughts, emotions, and prayer through water for peace within ourselves and peace around the world.

If we think about the future of human beings and our planet earth with the current mindset we have now, nothing will change. Dr. Emoto believed that when you clearly recognize the importance and the essence of water, another new positive energy (HADO) will be born.

The Peace Project​ is grateful for the almost 50,000 people to receive Dr. Masaru Emoto's FREE Children's Book on SlideShare this past year. Let's each share this digital book with one child or person and watch it ripple out to 100,000 and more!

One person cannot change the world but one person can deliver the messages which can change the world. The messages are in the book.

Kids who learn about WATER Learn about themselves. We are Water.

Printed Books are given to kids for free who attend our Book Events in the USA.

Digital Books - are available two ways: View/Share/Download for Free on Slideshare OR if you download Dr. Emoto's mobile app, MY HADO for $1.99 You will find a digital copy of the book inside the app. Your $1.99 download supports the EPP & Water Peace Project.

Please visit our event site where you will find the links to Donate to US Book Fund, View/Share/Download the Book on Sildeshare, Download MY HADO APP and or View the schedule for the Book Events in the USA

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The Message From Water - in English Children's Version

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  2. 2. Love Hate Let’s try... The Rice Experiment ** How To Do The Rice Experiment ** 1. Place Cooked Rice in Three Jars and Seal. 2. Label The First Jar with “LOVE” , The Second Jar with “HATE” or “YOU FOOL” Label The Third Jar with IGNORE 3. For Thirty Days: Spend 5 mins a Day Feeling LOVE for the Rice in the First Jar - Spend 5 minutes a day feeling Hate or YOU FOOL to the Rice in the Second Jar & The Third Jar, You will Completely IGNORE. ** What Are The Results? ** The LOVED Rice that received the positive energy, stayed the whitest and appeared to be fermented with a pleasant oder, like miso. The HATED Rice that received the negative energy, produced mold and bad odor. The IGNORED Rice, received no energy at all, was completely rotten and actually began to putrify with a very foul smell. ** The results will always vary with the variation of people doing the experiment and their pureness of emotion or feeling towards Rice. ** View Photos & Video Results Around The World. Dr. Masaru Emoto & Craig McPoyle with Craig’s Rice Experiment. Craig started the experiment in Feb 2010 in Miami Florida This Photo is the SAME RICE and was taken Aug 11, 2014 4 YEARS After Craig began this Rice Experiment!!! Amazing! What feelings do you feel when someone loves you? When someone says “I Love You or sincerely compliments you.? How about when someone says nothing to you, but dislikes or hates you, we can often feel negative energy with out any words being spoken. What Does It Feels Like When You Are IGNORED??? If the IGNORED Rice was the Worst Result, Imagine the Effect on YOU! Ignore 28 29
  3. 3. MISSION : To teach all people, especially children, the true nature of Water. Connecting to the power of our words, thoughts, emotions, and prayer through water for peace within and around the world. Emoto Peace Project was declared by Dr. Emoto when he was giving a seminar at The Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Subcommittee at United Nation headquarter in NYC on May 25th, 2005. The EPP is a non profit project which aims at educating the truth of water to children by distributing children version of “Messages from Water” books to children for FREE. It is our goal to distribute 650 million copies of the book in next 10 years. Its intended age is from 3 - 12 years old. In another 20 years or so, we hope that they will be leading the earth in a favorable direction.We adults must minimize the damage done to the earth till then. When you recognize clearly about the importance and essence of water, there should be another new positive power (or energy) which will be born. If we think about the future of human beings and the mother earth at same dimension that we have now, nothing will be changed. It will be turned to the world with full of love and gratitude by distributing the messages from water books to children who are our future. We Are Water. Show Your Support By Making A Donation Your Donations Print More Books! When You Download Dr. Emoto's Mobile iPhone or iPad App ‘ MY HADO’ You Will Receive His Water Crystal Library, Children’s Book and Support Emoto Peace Project. MY HADO $1.99 Download Supports The Emoto Peace Project! 28 30 2319 30