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12 a gerunds

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FC3 Unit 12 A Gerunds

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12 a gerunds

  1. 1. Gerunds: What are they? How are they used?
  2. 2. What is a Gerund? A noun made from a verb (+ -ing) Walking is a good form of exercise. • Acts as subjects Cooking dinner at home will help you save money. • Acts as objects of verbs I hate getting spam emails. (used after certain verbs such as enjoy, dislike, prefer, like, hate) • Acts as objects of prepositions He is upset about losing the soccer match.
  3. 3. Gerunds as Subjects • Running is a great form of exercise. • Taking a test is the perfect way to start a Monday. • Not calling me back was a big mistake.
  4. 4. Gerunds as Objects of Verbs • I enjoy watching funny movies. • I remember talking with him. • I prefer waking up late on weekends.
  5. 5. Gerunds as Objects of Prepositions • He met lots of people by joining a dance club. • I’m good at making sushi. • I’m used to having very little sleep.
  6. 6. Gerunds Any Questions?