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Research methods economics fall 2012

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Research methods economics fall 2012

  1. 1. Research Methods in Economics ECO 3132 Linda Hauck Business Librarian Linda.Hauck@villanov.edu
  2. 2. Literature Review“A literature review is a Inclusion Determined by summary of what is currently known about some issue or field on the • Subject basis of research • Geography evidence, and/or of what lines of argument there • Time period are in relation to that • Research issue or field.” method/designHammersley, M. (2004). Literature review. In M. Lewis- Beck, A. Bryman, & T. Liao (Eds.), Encyclopedia of social science research methods. (pp. 578-580). Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, Inc. doi: 10.4135/9781412950589.n503
  3. 3. Topic Selection Sources Orientation• Personal Interests • Wikipedia and other• Internships encyclopedias• Course work • Library Catalog• The news
  4. 4. Research ToolsEssential EconLit with Full TextFaculty Top PicksGoogle Scholar,Social Science Research Network,Social Science Citation IndexInterdisciplinary PubMed, Medline,ERIC, Education Full Text,Sociological Abstracts, WorldwidePolitical Science Abstracts, others onSubject Guides
  5. 5. EconLit Content• Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Articles – Theory – Research – Reviews• Books-and chapters• Working Papers
  6. 6. Searching EconLit: Techniques• Synonyms and related terms• Controlled vocabulary (JEL Classification)• Truncat* and “phrase searching”• TI: Field searching• Boolean searching AND (Green) OR (Red)
  7. 7. JEL Classifications
  8. 8. Sample QuestionWhat factors are contributing to themancession (disproportionate genderbased unemployment)?
  9. 9. PracticeSend form with topic, JEL classifications and one on point APA citation.1. Does income inequality contribute to economic instability?2. What is the economic return on a college degree?
  10. 10. Getting Full Text & Chasing Citations Journal Finder, Search Catalog or EZborrowGoogle it!
  11. 11. Finding Data• Leverage Data from Literature Review• Subject Page, Economics, Statistics for frequently used sources http://library.villanova.edu/research/subject -guides/economics-and- statistics/#Statistics• Statistical Insights- General index
  12. 12. Final Tips• Allow time for exploration and interlibrary loan• Search systematically, but hope serendipity is on your side.