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Modern Marketing & Recruiting

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Presentation from LinkedIn Talent Connect conference at which Kim Jokisch and I discussed tactics for building a strong employer brand through content marketing

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Modern Marketing & Recruiting

  1. #intalent ​ Kim Jokisch ​ Director, Employment Branding + Media ​ Red Hat Modern Marketing & Recruitment: Best Practices for Talent Acquisition Leaders ​ Linda Descano, CFA® ​ Managing Director and Head of Content Creation & Partnerships ​ Citi
  2. #intalent ​ Kim Jokisch ​ Director, Employment Branding + Media ​ Red Hat Talent marketing: Creating an authentic employment branding strategy
  3. #intalent
  4. #intalent
  5. #intalent WHAT WE’LL DISCUSS • Strategy 101 • Tips for creating an effective employment branding strategy • How Red Hat’s employment brand helps us recruit top talent
  6. #intalent What is a strategy?
  7. #intalent Do your research.
  8. #intalent
  9. #intalent
  10. Be consistent.
  11. #intalent
  12. #intalent Differentiate yourself.
  13. #intalent
  14. #intalent LinkedIn Twitter Facebook
  15. Engage your ambassadors.
  16. #intalent from under to over
  17. #intalent Results
  18. #intalent Best Enterprise Software Companies to Work for Best Places to Work The 25 Best Companies to Work for Best Places to Work
  19. Do your research. Be consistent. Differentiate yourself. Engage your ambassadors.
  20. #intalent ​ Linda Descano, CFA® ​ Managing Director and Head of Content Creation & Partnerships ​ Citi INSPIRE: How to Build Connections through Content Marketing
  21. #intalent •  My role at Citi •  How content can help brands build advocacy and trust •  How Citi approaches content marketing •  How we measure success Overview
  22. #intalent The World’s Citi
  23. #intalent What Type of Content Do We Produce? Videos" Social media" Content" Blog posts" Articles" SlideShare Presentations Infographics
  24. #intalent Why Do We Create Content? ​ To educate and inform consumers with solutions to their financial concerns ​ To demonstrate the value of Citi’s products and services in a relevant, meaningful context ​ To provide opportunities to amplify our messaging through social sharing and PR ​ To encourage positive social conversation about Citi ​ TO BUILD TRUST AND DRIVE ADVOCACY FOR THE CITI BRAND
  25. #intalent Eyeballs BuyersAwareness PreferenceConsideration Action Loyalty Eyeballs Buyers Contributors Peer reviews Competitive alternatives Recommendations from friends User-generated content The Traditional Marketing “Funnel” The New Marketing Paradigm Source: Forrester, Inc. Why is Content Marketing Important?
  26. #intalent What Does This Mean for Brands? Teach me, don’t tell me. Focus on my needs, not your products. Put value first and pitch second. Be present where I live. Treat us as people, not portfolios.
  27. #intalent How Does Citi Approach Content? Plan Produce Publish Promote
  28. #intalent How Do We Plan Our Content Calendar? Consumer Inputs Business Inputs Customer Insights Seasonal Themes Trending Topics ATL Calendar LoB/Product Launches Enterprise Tentpoles
  29. #intalent How Do We Produce Content? 2. Develop content 1. Brief agency partners 3. Obtain business and legal approval 4. Finalize content calendar
  30. #intalent Where is Content Published? Citi-Owned Channels Media Partners Editorial Partners Citi Web Sites and Blogs Email Newsletters Mobile Apps Social Media Channels ATL Campaign Extensions Native Advertising LinkedIn SlideShare Yahoo! Finance Network Content-Sharing Partnerships Influencer Blogs
  31. #intalent Publishing: Citi “Owned” Channels
  32. #intalent Publishing: Media Partners Native Advertising Hub
  33. #intalent Publishing: Editorial Partners
  34. #intalent How Do We Promote Our Content? Social Activations Influencer Amplification Partner Amplification PR Outreach Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Content
  35. #intalent Promotion: Paid Media
  36. #intalent Promotion: Earned Media
  37. #intalent Reach and Amplification Consumer Brand Health and Customer NPS Employer Brand Health Engagement Total Reach (Impressions) Paid Reach Amplification (“Earned” Reach) 8 Clicks LikesC Comments? 4 Shares How Do We Measure Success?
  38. #intalent Key Takeaways 1.  Deliver value. 2.  Plan strategically, rather than in a silo. 3.  Speak in a human, authentic voice. 4.  Teach rather than tell. 5.  Drive relationships, not transactions. 6.  Contribute to conversations rather than crowd out other voices. 7.  Mind your audience’s mindset.
  39. #intalent Kim Jokisch Director, Employment Branding & Media Red Hat Thank you @kimjokisch Kim Jokisch Linda Descano, CFA® Managing Director and Head of Content Creation & Partnerships Citi @lindadescano Linda Descano