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Business Presentation Affinity International Corporation

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Business Presentation for Affinity International Corporation

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Business Presentation Affinity International Corporation

  1. 1. AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION America has a housing crisis !! Affinity has a solution
  2. 2. Who can’t afford to live in your community? AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
  3. 3. More than 14.5 million Americans need Affordable housing! AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
  4. 4. The Need is Growing 1970 – U.S. has 300,000 surplus affordable homes 1995 – U.S. is short 4.4 million affordable homes 2008 – 65% of U.S. communities are unaffordable to members of the workforce 2010 – Senior Housing shortage projected • 100 million U.S. citizens will be 50 or older • Many will plan to transition from single family homes to senior housing 2015 – Affordable Housing crisis passes critical ! • Demand projected at 19 million housing units • Supply projected at 7 million housing units AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
  5. 5. Affinity has a Solution Grants and subsidies are available in your community to help underwrite Affordable housing but are under utilized Affinity can provide services and products needed to plan, develop, and build Affordable housing Affinity vertically integrates planning, marketing, financial, and project construction services with its unique building system to assist clients in skills and disciplines not otherwise available to them AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
  6. 6. Affinity’s Program Provides: • Social and economic development • A full complement of support programs with a supply line of services and products • A unique building system that results in lower building costs • Lower development cost and faster completion times AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
  7. 7. • The majority of manufacturing plants in the business of building homes in the United States are manufactured homes – Single wides and double wides
  8. 8. Affinity Building Systems Provides: •A lower cost alternative to conventional stick built construction •A variety of housing designs to meet the needs of every community •Unique Multi-Section, Multi-Story technology •Energy Star compliance •Fixed budget-Fixed deadlines •Turn-Key design engineering services •1/2/10 Warranty Program AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
  9. 9. Extensive Portfolio of Plans Your Plans Or Ours AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
  10. 10. Your plans or ours – We listen to your needs
  11. 11. We design to your specifications. With an entire design catalog you may not need to spend the money to re-invent what we already designed
  12. 12. Pre-Marketing Program Affinity’s Marketing services provide: •Pre-marketing programs to pre sell or pre rent -reducing risk and marketing time •Prepackaged marketing materials including brochures and renderings •Marketing collateral and websites within days of project commencement •A model home program AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
  14. 14. How Does It Work? Affinity removes speculation and assists Community Development Corporations in pre selling to qualified buyers Get the Word Out Company  Community Presentation Seminar Free Credit  Counseling and Mortgage Approval Mortgage  Application Credit Restoration Schedule Classes Application New Home Purchase Graduate Home Owner Readiness  and Move into Classes Readiness Class New Home AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
  15. 15. Financing Affinity can: • Identify and secure grants, subsidies and other funding to finance the project • Act as co-developer and provide credit enhancement • Provide balance sheet support to secure funding and construction loan financing
  16. 16. Contact us – Larry Lipman – Chief Executive Officer 303 629 8333 ext 20 Larry.Lipman@affinitysystemsnetwork.com – Dan Riedel – Chief Operating Officer 937 307 3601 Danriedel@sbcglobal.net We will provide you with a preliminary feasibility and proposal
  17. 17. Together, we can make a difference! AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION