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Sophie Freiermuth - What's in a name?

  1. What’s in a name? (or why we should really stop fighting and settle for a single job title for our profession) I’m @WickedGeekie and this is #LightningUX 6 March 2012
  2. 1 discipline, so many job names UX Designer UX Architect UX Visual Interaction Designer UX Interface designer Customer / user experience architect Usability practice manager User Experience researcher User Experience Consultant #Lightn User Interface Designer ingUX
  3. The same, as a cloud #Lightn ingUX
  4. Randomising is not for job titles #Lightn ingUX
  5. A puzzling job title #Lightn ingUX
  6. An internationally puzzling job title #Lightn ingUX
  7. Elevator pitch is enough of a problem #Lightn ingUX
  8. Adapting to the occasion #Lightn ingUX
  9. Opening the door to a parade of anything • “I've gone by previously as UX Prototyper” • “The funnest title I've seen used is Dev-igner” • “I need a UX Developer/UX Designer and everything in between to fill contract to full-time positions” #Lightn ingUX
  10. The Degree Disaster • MSc in HCI with Ergonomics • MSc in Human Centred Systems • MSc in Electronic Publishing Ok, this one isn’t: • MSc in User Experience Design #Lightn ingUX
  11. Who suffers? #Lightn ingUX
  12. The future of our profession? #Lightn ingUX
  13. Could these organisations help? #Lightn ingUX
  14. Is it really so bad to settle on a name? Thank you! Questions, comments: @wickedgeekie #Lightn ingUX

Notas do Editor

  1. NOC = National Occupational Classification
  2. Britain’s Minister for Business, Mark Prisk.
  3. Individual job titles are confusing Not everyone has a (related) degree Degrees are confusing