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  1. 1. How can you bring newcustomers from social networks
  2. 2. Let your sales sky rocket to a new levelwith Customer ReferralYour customers purchase new productsand recommend it to their friendsHow it works
  3. 3. E-store conducts a deal with Sharelikeand offer their customers to share theirpurchases in social network in exchange for discount or special treats
  4. 4. E-store or SaaS providersintegrate a widget* into their sitesIt’s as easy as one click.*Widget usually installs in the “add to cart” button or we create additional button.
  5. 5. When customer of your store clicks onSharelike widget information about theproduct shares on the news feed of the socialnetwork.The customer will then receive a coupon thatcan be used in a shopping cart.
  6. 6. Most users have about 150 friends among various social networks100 customer will tell about a purchase to 15 000 friends
  7. 7. Many friends will see your purchase, part of them will visit your site Few of them will become your customer
  8. 8. Our possibilities• Integrating in any web platform• Deep marketing campaign analytics• Pictures and video integration in your customer posts• Scam protection• Viral marketing• We use: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter