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Advocacy for Libraries

  1. Advocacy for libraries – statewide possibilities Outcomes of the 2016 SLV / PLVN Planning Summit
  2. What this presentation covers 1. Overview of State Library / Public Libraries Victoria Network collaboration 2. Planning process for the next three years of collaboration 3. Draft plan for the 2017-2020 Statewide Public Library Development Projects 4. The Advocacy Project P–2
  3. The framework for the State Library and public library collaboration • Libraries Act 1988 • Library Board of Victoria Advisory Committee on Public Libraries • Framework for Collaborative Action: defines how SLV and PLVN work together to deliver improved library services to communities • Statewide Public Library Development Projects: a three-year plan of collaborative action P–3
  4. Statewide Public Library Development Projects - goals • Enhanced library collections • Improved access options • ‘Seamless’ service/access for users • Excellent staff skills, reflecting the needs of 21st century library services • Increased community engagement with libraries • Effective and powerful advocacy for public libraries with government and other stakeholders • Greater efficiency and effectiveness of library services through collaboration and sharing. P–4
  5. Statewide Public Library Development Projects – criteria The Projects must support the Framework’s goals and: • deliver statewide benefit to the Victorian community • increase the capability of libraries to deliver excellent services • increase interaction/partnering/collaboration between public libraries, and between SLV and PLVN • avoid duplicating work of other organisations or funding • stimulate innovative responses to the challenges/opportunities presented by the environment in which libraries operate • be delivered in a cooperative and collegial manner by SLV and PLVN • achieve their agreed outcomes within the funding timeframe. P–5
  6. P–6 20 years of Statewide Public Library Development Projects - hundreds of projects, millions of dollars
  7. 2014 – 17 Statewide Public Library Development Projects Read • Strategic framework: Reading and literacy for all • Early years literacy program: quality indicators; training; awareness campaign; touring exhibition • Adult literacy program: best practice guide; training; grants • Reader development program: The Summer Read Memory • Writing the War, touring exhibition commemorating the ANZAC Centenary. • Digital Memory, assisting public libraries to collect, manage and share their local history collections and content online. Lead and Learn • Workforce Develop. Action Plan • Training program • Scholarship and Awards • Shared Leadership Program • Planning Summit P–7
  8. Planning for the 2017-20 Statewide Public Library Development Projects – a summit for library managers Transforming Public Libraries, 25-27 July 2016, Kalorama Dual focus • The power of public libraries to transform communities and transform lives • The ongoing transformation of public libraries. Presenters • Will Dayble – founder of Squareweave and other digital enterprises • Debbie Kipper – Director, Strategy, Creative Victoria • Kay Rundle – former CEO Maribyrnong / Greater Geelong / Port Phillip • Sari Feldman – Director, Cuyahoga County Public Library, President ALA • Kate Torney – CEO, State Library Victoria • Patti Manolis – President, PLVN P–8
  9. Transforming Public Libraries – objectives • Promote big picture thinking amongst participants • Establish an overarching vision for SLV/PLVN collaboration in 2017-2020 • Gain consensus about the areas of focus for collaboration under the banner of the SPLDP 2017-2020 • Identify key initiatives for the SPLDP 2017-2020, for detailed scoping and costing • Achieve alignment of SLV and PLVN strategic priorities • Strengthen the bonds of participants, building commitment to working together to deliver on the agreed areas of focus and key initiatives • Enhance the capability of new public library leaders and revitalise experienced leaders. P–9
  10. Transforming Public Libraries – intended outcomes • Increased knowledge of library trends, the environment and the context in which public libraries work • Inspiration and stimulation to innovate and explore new ideas and approaches to service provision • An opportunity for reflection, to refresh, energise and (re)connect with fellow library professionals • Clarity of direction and purpose • Alignment across the library sector, and opportunities for strengthened collaboration between organisations and individuals • A commitment to work together • A product, plan or blueprint for the future. P–10
  11. Transforming Public Libraries – the results Key themes emerging • Story-telling • Be bold • We are stronger together Priority initiatives – the 2017- 20 Statewide Public Library Development Projects P–11 1. Advocacy Approx. 45% weighting 2. Reading and Literacy Approx. 25% weighting 3. Lead and Learn Approx. 15 – 20 % weighting 4. Creative Industries Approx. 10 – 15% weighting
  12. Advocacy project Charter development working party Anne Twyford (Wimmera) - Chris Kelly (Goldfields) - Elizabeth Arkles (Wyndham) - Kellie Vise (Mitchell) - Kevin Preece (Goulburn Valley) - Michael Byrne (Maribyrnong) - Michelle Fracaro (Wodonga) - Patti Manolis (Geelong) - Sally Both (Whitehorse Manningham) - Yvette Parker (Glenelg) - Susan Thomson (Greater Dandenong) Definition Advocacy is the actions individuals or organizations undertake to influence decision-making at the local, regional, state, national and international level that help create a desired policy or funding change in support of public libraries. (INELI-Oceania Advocacy Module) P–12
  13. Advocacy project Key initiatives • Statewide Advocacy Strategy (Year 1) • Statewide Campaign (Years 2-3): inspired by Libraries Transform, but but not the same • Skills development (Years 1-3) P–13
  14. Advocacy – Public librarian’s perspective • Who are we advocating to and what are we advocating for? • State Government • Local Government • Regional Library Corporations • Friends of Library organisations • Resident and community groups • Philanthropic organisations • Members • Visitors • Other stakeholders • Each of these individuals and organisations requires information - to satisfy funding program requirements, and the expectations of ministers, councillors and other stakeholders. P–14 Statistics and stories
  15. Libraries Transform • Community Benefit • Libraries Building Communities (2005) The modern library is the community’s cultural, educational and meeting place. • Economic Benefit • Dollars, Sense and Public Libraries (2011) For every dollar invested in Victoria’s public libraries, $3.56 is the average rate of return in community benefits. • Cultural Benefit (2014) • Creative communities: the cultural benefits of Victoria’s public libraries The library is a place to have creative experiences and make things – it facilitates, supports and showcases creative activities, from music and theatre to arts and society. P–15 Statewide Public Library Development Projects – telling the story about the benefit of public libraries
  16. Libraries Transform • Benefits to Learning and literacy 2015-2018 • Reading and literacy strategic framework Public libraries have a natural advantage in supporting reader and literacy development. Libraries are, and always have been, places of and for learning – places that promote and encourage a culture of reading by providing universal access to books and related programs for people of all ages and interests. • Strategic approach • Victorian Public Libraries 2030: Strategic Framework (2013) opportunity to look beyond traditional two or five-year planning cycles and to consider how we can best prepare our individual library services, and more broadly, the Victorian public library network for the future. P–16
  17. Telling the story • Tell the story with humanity and with heart but use stats and facts to drive the message home. Melbourne Library Service – vox pop (show movie) P–17
  18. Any questions? Presentation by: Debra Rosenfeldt from State Library Victoria and Anne-Maree Pfabe from Melbourne Library Service for Libmark Seminar Thursday 20 October 2016 P–18