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Media Kit 2012

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Media Kit 2012

  1. 1. Media Kit 2012
  2. 2. Effective Display AdvertisingAbout UsFounded in 2006, Matomy Media is a global display advertising company covering the digital marketplacefrom all angles; display, mobile, social, video and search.With the latest technology, High-performing media, and a fresh approach to enhancing user experiences,Matomy Media aims at meeting wide-ranging marketing objectives for advertisers worldwide.Our global reach of over 35 billion monthly impressions and over 200 million unique users each monthextends into key countries across Europe, North America and emerging markets.Matomy Media is a division of Matomy Media Group. Berlin London Moscow Amsterdam Denver Madrid Mexico City Tel Aviv Sao Paulo Matomy Media Local Branches 01
  3. 3. Direct Relationships With Premium Media Partners The foundation of our media is built upon our direct relations with the premium publishers we carefully select. Our vast network of global, high-quality, and directly managed media partners gives us access to more than 1000 sites from over 80 countries. Our publisher reach covers more than 30 channels, offering marketers additional relevance and context to their campaigns and providing reliable and effective media management. Trading and Real-Time Media Buying Expertise Our publisher relationships are augmented by our unrivaled buying power within ad networks, exchanges and SSPs. Real-time bidding capabilities to win only desired impressions Targeting to make sure the value of each impression is extracted and ensures ROI Verification system that constantly monitors ad placements, keeping them relevant and safe Brand Safety Controls and Management Achieving our customer’s goals is at the forefront of our activity. With a set of incorporated technologies and processes called the Matomy Media Quality Suite, we are able to ensure our customers’ brand is always safe-guarded. The Vetting Process We integrate manual processes with state-of-the-art technology, to make sure only high quality websites with engaging, meaningful and aesthetically presented content are qualified to enter our network. Verification System Our in-house technology verifies the location of our customers’ ads, confirming that each impression is served in-line and according to your media plan. Safety Net In partnership with Vexigo, we developed a semantic targeting solution that provides a live firewall to continuously detect offensive placements, ensuring our customers’ ads are only placed on pages with suitable content. Our recent recognition from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) supports our credibility and commitment to upholding guidelines, standards and best practices.02 * Matomy Media, April 2011
  4. 4. Monthly Global Reach Stats United States 2,575,965,000 Colombia 368,354,000 Spain 1,823,385,000 Indonesia 352,799,000 France 1,697,642,000 Chile 313,225,000 Italy 1,240,545,000 Peru 309,459,000 Mexico 1,208,552,000 Russian Federation 302,395,000 Brazil 1,157,463,000 Netherlands 283,138,000 Germany 1,016,895,000 Egypt 268,261,000 Canada 822,620,000 Poland 265,382,000 United Kingdom 782,515,000 Belgium 254,996,000 India 720,636,000 Sweden 244,744,000 Turkey 642,702,000 Eastern Europe 243,550,000 Philippines 525,840,000 Romania 239,130,000 Argentina 496,854,000 Asia – Other 200,639,000 Saudi Arabia 377,376,000 Finland 199,699,000 Africa – Other 374,764,000 Thailand 35,869,400* Matomy Media, December 2011 03
  5. 5. Remarketing and Audience-Based Media Buying We use the latest technology to target your audience and engage them with your campaign. Understanding a user’s web-surfing activity, the content they browse and their demographic, psychographic and geographical location means we can effectively target any audience. Matomy Media offers the following audience targeting methodologies to match our customer’s marketing objectives: Behavioral Targeting (First and third-party data providers) Demographic Retargeting Targeting (Personal and non- personal) Channel Analysis and Targeting Campaign Optimization Geographical Targeting04
  6. 6. Dynamic Pricing Tailored to Each CampaignWe understand that every advertiser is different, and our goal is to create an individual, flexible, andprofitable plan of-action. dCPMPrice varies from bid to bid depending on the predicted value of each individual impression, maximizingyour cost efficiency. CPM-APay on a CPM basis while we optimize the campaign toward meeting your CPA goal for the designated action. CPM, CPCWe offer fixed, impression-based and click-based pricing. CPL, CPAGain exposure while paying only for performance (lead or sale).Analysis and Campaign OptimizationBy both automatically and manually monitoring our customers campaign, we are able to optimize eachcreative and placement with precision to continually improve any KPI, be it awareness, favorability,purchase intent or conversions.Dedicated service on every levelOur teams of highly experienced account managers specialize in different industries to provide ourcustomers with strategic and tactical insights into their campaigns Support customers from conception to the execution of a campaign Manage an on-going optimization process An in-house creative team which provides consultation, production and optimization of your creative 05
  7. 7. Case Study Advertiser: BetClic Industry: Entertainment Advertiser Overview BetClic is a leading online gaming operator of sports, poker, casino and horse-race betting in Europe. It provides a locally-tailored, convivial, easy-to-use offering, focused on sporting passion and covers all major sporting events across Europe and the world. Objectives Betclic sought to broaden their active user base, mainly male 25 to 45-year-olds, in seven specific European countries. Strategy Our Entertainment expert Account Managers thoughtfully built a media plan across Matomy Medias own network of top display publishers as well as our DSP and SSP partners, using both geo-targeting and audience segment targeting to match various display ads with the consumers language, location, and interests. Chosen target channels were finance & business news, video sites, and sports sites. An ongoing monitoring and optimization processes were managed according to campaign objectives throughout the whole campaign period to identify the highest performing media source, using different metrics such as click-through rates, leads, and conversions. Results High effectiveness New active users Matomy Media increased ten times the number of CPA monthly new active users since the beginning ofNew active users the campaign CPA Improved efficiency Matomy Medias well-executed media plan allowed an exceptional decrease in Cost Per Action throughout the campaign, enabling Betclic Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 to spend 60% less on each new user06
  8. 8. Select Clients 07
  9. 9. Select Publishers Technology Partners SemanticData Networks Semantic Data Networks08
  10. 10. Interested in finding out more? Telephone: +972-77-3606134 advertisers@matomymedia.com www.matomymedia.com