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Kiva 5 year presentation

Kiva.org's 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Slide Show

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Kiva 5 year presentation

  1. 1. KIVA’S 5TH BIRTHDAY October 13, 2010
  2. 2. Capitalism takes a narrow view of human nature, assuming that people are one- dimensional beings concerned only with the pursuit of maximum profit. Muhammad Yunus
  3. 3. Where it all began: Uganda
  4. 4. Our First Trip to Uganda
  5. 5. Our First Trip to Uganda
  6. 6. Our First Trip to Uganda
  7. 7. Our First Trip to Uganda
  8. 8. Our First Trip to Uganda
  9. 9. ““Lorem ipsum doedo erdes re redes atse redi dolres endelor. Our First Trip to Uganda
  10. 10. An Organization is Born ““Lorem ipsum doedo erdes re redes atse redi dolres endelor.
  11. 11. Hybrid Goat in Kenya
  12. 12. Butcher in Afghanistan
  13. 13. Women Who Lend to Shirtless Men 15
  14. 14. Connected Capital Photo Credit: Connecting Dotz
  15. 15. This isn’t right. Something has got to change. Five year old, 1980 Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  16. 16. 420,000 Entrepreneurs 760,000 Lenders 135 Field Partners 98% Repayment Rate LOW RISK Together we’ve raised: $165 million in loans to the working poor
  17. 17. Together… Momentum is accelerating
  18. 18. Peru Bolivia Paraguay Mexico Guatemala Honduras Ecuador Haiti Dominican Republic Senegal Sierra Leone Ghana Togo Nigeria DRC Cameroon Mozambique Tanzania South Sudan Uganda Kenya Nicaragua Lebanon Bulgaria Bosnia Moldova Ukraine Azerbaijan Tajikistan Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Nepal Cambodia Vietnam Samoa Indonesia Benin Mali Rwanda Philippines Palestine Mongolia Costa Rica United States Kyrgyzstan Liberia Armenia Columbia Chile El Salvador Sri Lanka Congo Republic Burundi Together we reached… 53 countries on 5 continents South Africa
  19. 19. Breaking the cycle in Africa In just 5 years, Kiva funds more MFIs in post-conflict Africa than any other funder
  20. 20. The Recycling Effect: < 10% of money put into Kiva leaves Kiva Under the hood: factors behind Kiva’s model The Recycling Effect
  21. 21. Community Effect 10 active volunteers for every paid staff member Active volunteers and pro-bono professionals engaged in Kiva Kiva Staff Under the hood: factors behind Kiva’s model The Community Effect
  22. 22. Fundraising Leverage: Kiva raises approximately 10 dollars in new loan revenue for every $1 it spends in donations to build the platform. OPERATIONS BORROWERS Together we’ve achieved: Amazing efficiency
  23. 23. New loan categories Scale Break Even Innovate $1 Billion for 2M borrowers Self-sufficiency at scale The next 5 years: 3 aspirations
  24. 24. Student Loans
  25. 25. Green Loans
  26. 26. Green Loans
  27. 27. Our Vision For the Future Entrepreneur Student Green Water Loans that change lives
  28. 28. Poverty is a massive Issue Half the world’s population lives on less than $3 per day.“ “
  29. 29. The solution is impossible alone…. 31
  30. 30. …but Possible Together “ “ Thank you. Photo Credit: Connecting Dotz