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Dare - Care - Share [RIVPAT Conference 19 October 2012]

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My keynote address at the Riverina Teacher Librarians, RIVPAT Conference on 19 October 2012. Loved the conference theme of 'Dare - Care - Share'!

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Dare - Care - Share [RIVPAT Conference 19 October 2012]

  1. 1. Dare - Care - Share 27 challenges to achieve our missionLYN HAYLecturer in Teacher LibrarianshipSchool of Information StudiesCharles Sturt University RIVPAT Conference , Wagga Wagga 19 October 2012
  2. 2.  The challenge: articulating how school libraries impact on student learning Assumption that by virtue of actions, outcomes happen
  3. 3.  Move from TL „actions‟ to student outcomes Lack of systematically gathered, empirical evidence Barriers to evidence building Evidence begins with TL action
  4. 4. “We recommend that the profession as a whole needs to develop the capacity to articulate needs from research-based evidence and local evidence collected in the school.”
  5. 5.  Acknowledged international research evidence as useful A lot of anecdotal evidence presented EBP takes time Documenting evidence is critical
  6. 6. Change isinevitable.Progress isoptional.Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive.A digital literacy guide for the information age.By Mark Briggs 2007, p.10.
  7. 7. Dare
  8. 8. INNOVATION It‟s a definite possibilityAT&T Rethink Possible campaign http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EhQitYGuBk
  9. 9.  information-technology-learning hub  high-end multimedia production facility  technology engine of a networked school  large, flexible learning space based on fluid design principles  layout will look different on a daily basis Photo courtesy of Ross Todd: St Stephens College OxenfordSee Hay‟s iCentre concept http://studentslearn.wordpress.com/about/about-icentres/
  10. 10. “Imagine an activity and we will make a space for it” High School TL (Hay & Todd 2010, 2A.5)http://www.cabe.org.uk/case-studies/frederick-bremer?photos=true&viewing=7110
  11. 11. “We are on a learning journey with regard topedagogy and technology, but this building hasgiven us many more options to explore…”
  12. 12. http://www.flickr.com/photos/78154370@N00/5761280491/sizes/o/in/photostream/
  13. 13. http://www.slideshare.net/jlagarde/librarians-are-ready
  14. 14. The power of persistent searchPersistent search allows you to enter a searchterm once and receive real-time updateswhenever there’s a new result for that term,saving you time and ensuring you’re always onthe pulse of what’s going on.“If ur gonna use Google...”  Google Alerts for searches  Google Reader as an aggregator  iPhone/iPad apps
  15. 15. http://daringlibrary.edublogs.org/
  16. 16. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/26/44003627_75ada5f9a7.jpgCare
  17. 17. #2 #1 I‟m the most important because I teach them to connect to all the others. #2 My students should learn from me how to learn without me #3 My students‟ knowledge lies not only in their minds but in their networkshttp://www.districtadministration.com/
  18. 18. Kotters 8-Step Change Model1: Create Urgency2: Form a Powerful Coalition3: Create a Vision for Change4: Communicate the Vision5: Remove Obstacles6: Create Short-term Wins7: Build on the Change8: Anchor the Changes in School Culture http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newPPM_82.htm
  19. 19. CC BY-SA 2.0 by badjonnihttp://www.flickr.com/photos/badjonni/474558791/sizes/z/in/pool-52241664802@N01/
  20. 20. SHARE
  21. 21.  technical-admin aspects of technology are secondary to learning agenda information, technology, curriculum & e-learning staff are „blended‟ convergence allows strategic conversations
  22. 22.  Rethink how you connect with people Keep moving forward – that’s what innovators do Leaders who take risks but can say ‘No’ The law of linchpin leverage – 5 mins of brilliance per day
  23. 23. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3169/2983755589_c1853e3744_d.jpg
  24. 24. Rethink Possible I DARE YOUAT&T Rethink Possible campaign http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EhQitYGuBk