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mHealth israel_B2B2C Bootcamp 2016_Gil Bashe_Finn Partners

Overview of the Health B2B2C Ecosystem; Use Social Media as a Market Focus Tool; Measure Your Performance; American Health Insurance Reality; Lack of Doctor Relationship; PR is the New Primary Care Facilitator; For Health Marketers – End-users Matter; Innovation drives healthcare advances; Ways to Improve Health and Make Money; Medicine Is a Team Sport; Big Data- Allowing Individual Patients to Leverage The Many; Some Examples of What Works- Equashield, EarlySense, MD Anderson, LifePoint; 3D Systems; American Association for Cancer Research,

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mHealth israel_B2B2C Bootcamp 2016_Gil Bashe_Finn Partners

  1. 1. You Focus on Market but Patients Focus on “Me!”
  3. 3. Use Social Media as a Market Focus Tool Social media mappting enables enables marketers and business development leaders to focus on the topics B2B-C communities care most to ensure your investments make a difference. SOCIALSEARCH Demand Mapping Institutional Knowledge & Internal Feedback
  4. 4. …and Measure Your Performance  Competitive Analysis  Telephone/Online Surveys  Focus Groups (In- Person/Online)  Identity Next-Wave Leaders  Access/Payer Assessment  Influencer Mapping  Deploying Resources Perception Audits Creatinganinformedenvironment thatcanbecomecareleaders  Link Issues/ Care Needs  Identify Care Priority Issues  Align Resources to Group Abilities  Outline Group Coordinators  Analysis and Trend Reports Planning Process  Environmental Overview  Adjust Plan to Environment  Integrate into Planning  Harvest “Big” Ideas – RFP Process  Collaborate with Core Team Measurement /Monitoring  Program Execution  Ongoing Key Contact Outreach  Focus Group Development  Conference Monitoring  Support Policy and Payer Efforts Advocacy Outreach Awareness Education Action
  5. 5. Half of Americans (51%) have had their current health insurance plan for fewer than three years – and 1 in 10 consumer have had their current plan for less than a year. American Health Insurance Reality Please indicate how long you have had your CURRENT health insurance plan?
  6. 6. Nearly half (45%) have maintained the same PCP for three or fewer years; 12% have seen their current doctor for less than a year. …and Have a (Lack of) Doctor Relationship Please indicate how long you have been able to maintain the same (or your preferred) primary-care physician?
  7. 7. So PR is the New Primary Care Facilitator Younger Americans have an Amazon Prime-like relationship with primary care – it’s the function and not the personal connection Accessible care – walk-in-clinics and pharmacy-care centers – reflect convenience and cost life priorities Formulary status – Pathways – a key consideration for marketing investment and audience activation Prescription pad is now a “suggestion pad.”
  8. 8. For Health Marketers – End-users Matter
  9. 9. Innovation drives healthcare advances – Patient monitoring technologies – Drug delivery technologies – Compliance assisting tech reminders – Technologies make access easier and less complex – Software that improves patient-care throughput – Medicines that sustain life What If You Can Transform Health?
  10. 10. Ways You Can Improve Health and Make Money 1. Improve Adherence 2. Improve Health Literacy 3. Improve Access 4. Improve Security 5. Improve Outcomes 6. Improve Cost 7. Keep it Simple
  11. 11. Medicine Is a Team Sport 13 Patient participation
  12. 12. Population vs. individual Used with permission; Chris Dorley-Brown, photographer Big Data: “Average Patient” Leverages the Many 14
  13. 13. Do Not Generalize − There is no “average patient” − One size does not fit all (e.g., cancer therapies) − Heterogenetic drug class response (anti-depressants, NSAIDs*) − “Personalized medicine” is a buzzword − Formularies: coverage decisions are about actuary tables *RW Dubois, Future Medicine, 2012
  14. 14. “Man Dying from Cancer Spends Last Good Day on Phone with Insurance Company”
  15. 15. How Will We Improve Health? “…the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient.” JAMA 1926
  16. 16. Some Examples of What Works
  17. 17. Equashield is committed to protecting healthcare workers from the risks associated with exposure to hazardous drugs and vapors. Its products extend from compounding in pharmacy to administration in nursing. We sought to position Equashield as the leading developer of Closed System (Syringe) Transfer Devices (CSTDs); promote its innovative device design; and educate the industry about the need for effective CSTDs in chemotherapy development and delivery. Improving Drug-Delivery Safety Program • Formed relationships with leading industry outlets, for both interviews and contributed content • Developed digital and printed content for marketing and branding purposes • Embarked upon a strategic advertising campaign (print and digital) for publications and trade shows Measuring Results • Established Equashield as a key player in the CSTD market, with an innovative device that protects against more routes of exposure than competing systems • Placed stories in leading industry outlets, cementing Equashield founder Marino Kriheli as an industry thought leader • Generated quality coverage in countless media outlets, reaching key target audiences
  18. 18. EarlySense provides contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions for the medical and consumer digital health markets. Its patented sensor and advanced algorithms assist clinicians to detect patient deterioration, helping prevent adverse events, including blue codes, preventable ICU transfers, patient falls and pressure ulcers. First used in hospitals, now available on the consumer market. Improving Patient Care and Reducing Insitutional Cost Program • Implement strategic media plan to raise global awareness of EarlySense • Target key industry decision-makers, including hospital CEOs/CIOs • Develop consumer-focused campaign promoting partner products in consumer tech and health/lifestyle publications • Establish thought leadership via bylined articles, speaking opportunities and awards Measuring Results • Significant company and product coverage in such outlets as Financial Times, USA Today, Fierce Medical Devices, Modern Healthcare, Medgadget, Healthcare IT News, HealthLeaders, H&HN and more. • Speaking opportunities including AHA Hi2 Forum, Frost & Sullivan DC Briefing, and upcoming MM&M Innovation Summit; Industry awards including “Fierce 15” Med Tech Company of 2015, Healthcare Informatics “2015 Up-and-Comer” and CES and ‘PlusX’ product awards. • Expanded presence and engagement with key industry players, journalists and prospective customers via social media to position client as the go-to source for continuous monitoring and lead conversations alongside the sector’s most influential health and home innovators, including Samsung and others.
  19. 19. Since 2001, we have deployed communications and media relations to present the full spectrum of cancer-related topics and issues - disease site, research, prevention, survivorship, enterprise - to support MD Anderson Cancer Center’s mission of Making Cancer HistoryⓇ. Our work focuses on educating patients, survivors, families, policy makers, media and the general public. The following offers a five-plus year look at our 16-year partnership. Improving Patient Outcomes Program • Collaborate daily with faculty, capitalizing on breaking research news • Arrange media meetings and roundtables in the U.S. and abroad • Support national and community educational initiatives • Engage multicultural audiences • Further enterprise developments, such as launching a $3 billion, 10-year Moon Shots Program to dramatically reduce mortality rates and disrupt the accepted scientific research model • Initiate media partnerships to bring consumers comprehensive, practical information • Position leadership, including introducing top-tier media to MD Anderson’s fourth president, Dr. Ronald A. DePinho Measuring Results • In the last 5+ years alone: 440+ media placements totaling 3.5B impressions • 30 media tours, covering 100 journalist meetings • Nine radio media tours covering 138.2 million in listenership • 15 op-eds and bylines • Media partnerships with such outlets as CNN en Espanol, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Proton Therapy Today, Pediatrics for Parents
  20. 20. Program Establish this multi-state health network’s national voice: • Position executives as thought leaders. • Advance national/regional policy initiatives (e.g., Medicaid expansion). • Shepherd the company through crises, such as natural disasters, government investigations and executive transitions. • Rebrand the company. • Promote innovative partnerships. • Drive educational campaigns around complex issues, such as Zika virus. Measuring Results • Support LifePoint growth from a 23-hospital system to a company operating 70+ hospitals across 20+ states; more than 1,600 physician practices; nearly 40 post-acute service providers and facilities; more than 30 outpatient centers. • LifePoint is now featured in mainstream business media, such as The Wall Street Journal, AP, Bloomberg and Reuters; and in top-tier healthcare trades, including Modern Healthcare, HealthLeaders and Becker’s Hospital Review, among others • Established its providers as healthcare leaders and go-to sources on public health issues and a top local employers. Improving Community Health Our partnership with LifePoint Health began in 1999 when the hospital chain spun off from Hospital Corporation of America to focus on providing quality healthcare to non-urban communities. For 17 years, we have operated as an extension of the LifePoint communications department, deploying a full PR program to support the growing health system.
  21. 21. Program • Show the promise of 3D printing technologies by demonstrating a positive outcome – not just for Derby, but also to many humans whose limbs are lost. It was a media bonanza. Measuring Results • 1+ billion media impressions overall -- in a mere few days • 290+ media placements across global, national, local and top-tier online and broadcast outlets • An exclusive with BuzzFeed resulted in the Derby the Dog video and article becoming a viral sensation and a trending topic on Facebook with celebrity engagement, such as a shout out from actress Zooey Deschanel • Coverage appeared in BuzzFeed, Mashable, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Fast Company, USA Today, Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, Gawker, ABC News, NY Daily News, Men’s Journal, The Verge, Engadget, People, Refinery29, Yahoo! News, FOX News, CBS This Morning, CNET Improving Quality of Life You couldn’t miss Derby the Dog: a loveable husky with deformed front legs who received 3D-printed prosthetic paws. In the time it takes to say “go fetch,” Derby was up and running, panting happily as he enjoyed his newfound pup mobility. The world wept with collective joy. If this was possible for a dog, imagine the hope for our vets and others?
  22. 22. CHALLENGE Some 53,000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year. Tragically, 75 percent present with advanced disease and perish within a year. Only eight percent are expected to survive more than five years. Let’s Win is a recently launched online pancreatic cancer patient community created to collect and share science-driven treatment options that go beyond the traditional “standard of care.” Its founders are an advocacy coalition that includes the Lustgarten Foundation, World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition and Stand up to Cancer. STRATEGY Finn Partners’ introduced Let’s Win at the American Association for Cancer Research Special Conference on Pancreatic Cancer in early May and the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in June. The continuing campaign will increase pancreatic cancer awareness and Let’s Win as a first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing platform enabling patients, doctors, and researchers to share live-time science-driven information on potentially life-saving treatments – a vital step in advancing science and patients’ lifespans. It’s mission includes advocating for additional research, access to innovation and highlighting new science. RESULTS • Since the 2016 summer launch the Let’s Win’s website received more than 10,000 page views and nearly 500 subscribers. • In-person media meetings/interviews with The New York Times, Prevention, SHAPE, MedCity News • White House invitation to join in the national Cancer Moon Shot Summit in June; participated on-the-ground in Washington, DC • Let’s Win-led Twitter chat resulted in 1.9 million impressions and more than 100 participants – including American Cancer Society Board leaders • Leading clinical experts have joined the Let’s Win medical advisory board to advocate for going beyond the “standard of care” pathways Improving Patient-to-Patient Conversations
  23. 23. Chicago Detroit Fort Lauderdale Jerusalem London Los Angeles Munich Nashville New York Paris San Francisco Washington, DC THANK YOU

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Overview of the Health B2B2C Ecosystem; Use Social Media as a Market Focus Tool; Measure Your Performance; American Health Insurance Reality; Lack of Doctor Relationship; PR is the New Primary Care Facilitator; For Health Marketers – End-users Matter; Innovation drives healthcare advances; Ways to Improve Health and Make Money; Medicine Is a Team Sport; Big Data- Allowing Individual Patients to Leverage The Many; Some Examples of What Works- Equashield, EarlySense, MD Anderson, LifePoint; 3D Systems; American Association for Cancer Research,


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