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Leslie jo saul love vs fear

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What emotions determine what we say and do? Love or fear. These two opposites help create our reality and our experience. Many times, our thoughts and behavior is controlled by fear. We fear failure so we don’t take risks, we fear attachment so we don’t let love in. Many of Leslie Jo Saul's clients have forgotten the ability to get past fear and act from a place of love. They’ve forgotten that it’s always a choice. Some have even forgotten what love is.

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Leslie jo saul love vs fear

  1. 1. Love  vs.  Fear:  Your  Choice   By  Leslie  Jo  Saul   November  3,  2013     What  emotions   determine  what  we  say   and  do?  Love  or  fear.   These  two  opposites   help  create  our  reality   and  our  experience.   Many  times,  our   thoughts  and  behavior  is  controlled  by  fear.  We  fear  failure  so  we  don’t  take  risks,   we  fear  attachment  so  we  don’t  let  love  in.  Many  of  my  clients  have  forgotten  the   ability  to  get  past  fear  and  act  from  a  place  of  love.  They’ve  forgotten  that  it’s  always   a  choice.  Some  have  even  forgotten  what  love  is.     People  say,  “I’m  looking  for  love.”  “I  want  to  find  love.”  But  the  truth  is  love  isn’t  to   be  found,  it  is  to  be  shared.  The  truth  is  you  are  love  and  love  is  you.     Fear  is  the  opposite  of  love  in  just  about  every  way.  While  love  is  unselfish,  fear  is   selfish.  The  more  we  let  fear  limit  our  experience,  the  more  it  cuts  us  off  until  we  are   alienated  and  miserable.  The  more  we  are  alienated  and  miserable,  the  more  we  let   fear  take  control.  This  vicious  cycle  won’t  stop  until  we  decide  enough  is  enough.   Recently,  a  client  of  mine  realized  he  was  trapped  in  this  cycle,  and  he  wanted  very   badly  to  break  out  of  it  but  didn’t  know  how.  I  reminded  him  that  love  is  only  given   when  it  is  all  you.  You  must  feel  you  need  to  share  your  love  with  someone  or   something,  and  there’s  just  no  other  way.  To  get  past  this  client’s  fear,  we  needed  to   find  the  root  of  it.  I  let  him  know  he  was  in  a  safe  place  to  explore  this  fear  and  learn   how  to  change  his  reality.  We  found  that  the  source  of  his  fear  really  wasn’t  as  big   and  scary  as  he  believed  it  to  be,  and  once  he  was  able  to  relax,  we  seized  the   moment  and  filled  his  mind  with  love.  He  thought  about  all  the  people  that  made   him  feel  protected  and  safe,  and  let  it  fill  him  until  there  was  no  room  for  fear.  In  this   environment,  he  was  able  to  see  his  potential  to  live  in  love  and  trust,  to  break  the   vicious  cycle  of  fear  and  anxiety.     It  turns  out  it  really  is  true  that  all  you  need  is  LOVE.