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Virtual Conferencing: A Roadmap for Pharma

A pragmatic Roadmap for the pharmaceutical and medtech industries to digitize their conference and events channels. Presentation is a follow-up to an earler deck: 'The Medical Conference is Dead. Long Live the Medical Conference'.

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Virtual Conferencing: A Roadmap for Pharma

  1. 1. Virtual Conferencing A Roadmap for Pharma Len Starnes Digital healthcare consultant Berlin lenstarnes
  2. 2. 1 The business case Virtual educational events 2 Virtual-physical medical society conferences 3 4 Reinventing the conference function
  4. 4. Market forces Regulatory changes impacting medical meetings HCPs' digital behaviours & expectations Increasing sophistication of virtual conferencing technology Budget restrictions, exorbitant med soc conference fees The race for multichannel dominance
  5. 5. Marketing reality Brand teams spend millions of $ every year on medical society conferences… few set KPIs, most have no idea of true ROI
  6. 6. Outrageous medical society fees forcing pharmas to review sponsorship options & size of exhibition stands
  7. 7. Is it worth it? €216,000 inc VAT http://www.escexhibition.org/ESCCongress2016/Documents/ESCIP2016_LR.pdf
  8. 8. Industry stand space at ESC Congress 2015: 8,380 m2 http://escardio.formstack.com/forms/esc_2016__exhibition_space_application_form Cost of 8,380 m2 at ESC Congress 2016: € 4,235,520 Stand construction costs and service charges not included http://www.escexhibition.org/ESCCongress2016/default.aspx
  9. 9. Opt for physical conference attendance selectively, increasingly disinclined to travel Increasingly turn to live & recorded online video for medical education Perceive conferences as 365 interactive conversations Digital doctors
  10. 10. Videos viewed by HCPs last 12 months Among those watching professional videos online Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse USA 2015 56%CME Medical news Mode of action Patient information Other Medical procedure demos Disease/condition info Lectures/seminars Drug efficacy 56% 46% 36% 34% 31% 17% 16% 16% 3% HCPs view online video as a crucial educational tool
  11. 11. http://transparency.efpia.eu/the-efpia-code-2 http://www.phrma.org/sites/default/files/pdf/Letter- to-CMS-from-PhRMA-AdvaMed-BIO.pdf Fewer HCPs will attend conferences Fewer HCPs will speak at sponsored symposia EFPIA & PhRMA Disclosure Codes
  12. 12. Column1 Impact of codes already significant 53% report codes restricting physical attendance Among 237 specialists in USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, China, Brazil, and Argentina who had attended a medical conference in 2015 https://www.ashfieldhealthcare.com/gb/the-formula-to-successful-meetings/
  13. 13. Eliminated payments to HCPs speaking at company-sponsored symposia Eliminated payments of travel expenses to HCPs attending conferences Hans Gilhuys GlaxoSmithKlineUK Exl Digital Pharma Europe 2016
  14. 14. Technology drives adoption of new engagement models Traditional channels often fail to meet HCPs preferred types of engagement ‘
  15. 15. Column1 Significant dissatisfaction with physical meetings 39% report negative experience Among 237 specialists in USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, China, Brazil, and Argentina who had attended a medical conference in 2015 https://www.ashfieldhealthcare.com/gb/the-formula-to-successful-meetings/
  16. 16. Sophisticated platforms meet demands of doctors & pharmas Live + on demand video Real-time Q&A & polling Global access Connect from any device Actionable engagement metrics
  17. 17. Multichannel excellence crucially depends on using insights on customer channel preferences in… medical education
  18. 18. HCPs brand website Virtual events Banner ads Web eD Direct mail eMail SF + iPad Call centre Future core channel options
  19. 19. Amgen: webinars/congresses now core channels Jonathan Doognan Amgen Europe Eyeforpharma Barcelona 2016
  20. 20. Business case understood What next?
  21. 21. FIRST Gain experience and confidence with virtual educational events PROGRESS To hybrid virtual-physical medical society conference participation
  23. 23. Basics Create an analogous interactive environment to a traditional conference Use CME & EACCME accreditation to incentivize participation Leverage an existing therapeutically- focused platform to increase reach
  24. 24. Learn best practices Partner with specialist healthcare platform vendors and leading medical education institutions
  25. 25. Virtual Afib Congress Sponsored by Pfizer
  26. 26. Partnership with American Heart Rhythm Society Firewalled Tikosyn speaker session & booth CME credits from Johns Hopkins Hosted on CardioCareLive 6 months
  27. 27. Virtual exhibition hall for Pfizer and HRS stands
  28. 28. Key results Tikosyn area Courtesy: PlatformQ, USA 456 unique attendees 18:27 average session time US$ 128 average cost per attendee
  29. 29. Key results Pfizer + HRS 1,115 total attendees 68% US based 53% target specialists US$ 66 average cost per attendee Courtesy: PlatformQ, USA
  31. 31. As conservative as pharma Often content with conference formats unchanged for over 100 years Deeply sceptical of new conference formats that disrupt revenue streams Yet to understand the opportunities virtual-physical conference collaboration with pharma afford Medical societies
  32. 32. Multiple options… expect more soon Sponsored sessions & events hosted on medical society platform Independent virtual conference highlights package Independent virtual conference extending the physical experience
  33. 33. 50th ASCO Annual Meeting Highlights Sponsored by a pharma, medtech & cancer charity Hosted on MD Linx medical portal & Doctors.net.uk HCPs social network‘
  34. 34. Educate 5 specialities on latest treatments presented at ASCO Annual Meeting 2014 The brief Target specialities in 16 European countries using 4 languages Reach target specialities using effective alternative channel to attending in person
  35. 35. Key results Engagement before, during, post ASCO 72,393 newsletter alert emails opened 6,673 visits to Highlights microsite € 13 average cost per microsite visit Courtesy: M3 Europe, UK
  36. 36. Virtual symposium extending 2014 American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting Sponsored by Medtronic
  37. 37. 3 x 60 min CME sessions broadcast live from Frankfurt, April 2014 Speakers from Australia, Spain, USA CME/EACCME credits from Einstein College of Med Hosted on CardioCareLive 6 months
  38. 38. Key results 751 live participants 1249 on-demand participants Participants from 32 countries Almost 49 min engagement/session 83% of participants reported positive learnings Courtesy: PlatformQ, USA
  39. 39. Medical society platforms offer trust, deliver reach http://www.escexhibition.org/ESCCongress2016/Documents/ESCIP2016_LR.pdf ESC Congress 2016
  40. 40. Use of medical society platforms just beginning Many restrict hosting to sponsored accredited CME Opportunities to co- develop fully-compliant win-win collaboration strategies Collaborating with medical societies
  42. 42. In future traditional pharma conference and events functions will include VCELs Virtual Conferencing Engagement Leads
  43. 43. Skills Skills and expertise Analytics Numeracy, data, engagement metrics Insights Customer journeys & preferences in online meded Virtual platforms Vendor landscape, best functionality practices Multichannel MCM processes & cross-functional integration
  44. 44. Skills Cross-functional collaboration Medical BUs & brand teams Multichannel Leads Legal & Compliance
  45. 45. Skills Digitization of the conference and events channel will be standard practice in pharma – sooner than you think
  46. 46. A sincere thanks to the following for their help and support in developing this presentation • Hans Gilhuys, Multichannel Director Europe, GlaxoSmithKlein UK • David Murphy, Executive Vice President, PlatformQ • Tim Ringrose, CEO, M3 Europe • Robert Rosenbloom, President & CEO, PlatformQ
  47. 47. lenstarnes@gmail.com T: + 49 30 781 5513 M: + 49 172 1788253 Skype: lenstarnes linkedin.com/in/lenstarnes twitter.com/lenstarnes slideshare.net/lenstarnes Len Starnes Digital Healthcare Research & Consulting

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A pragmatic Roadmap for the pharmaceutical and medtech industries to digitize their conference and events channels. Presentation is a follow-up to an earler deck: 'The Medical Conference is Dead. Long Live the Medical Conference'.


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