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The Korean War Plan

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The Korean War Plan

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The Korean War Plan

  1. 1. The Korean War    CLASS #1    1. Sts get together in pairs with someone who has to answer the  the same set of questions. (1-2-3-, 4-5-6 or 7-8-9). They watch the  video and answer the questions.  http://lambrosini.cumbresblogs.com/2018/07/28/the-korean-war /    CLASS #2    2. ​We watch the video together and answer some questions with the  whole group.   Sts get together in their “Grupos Base” and they share their answers.  They check whether the other’s answers are correct and complete.     CLASS #3    3. ​Written test: mock questions.     CLASS #4    4. ​Mural presentation. ​En esta instancia trabajamos, en clase, cuestiones  de la forma e importancia del trabajo grupal. Analizamos en clase los  elementos que debía incluir el mural así como la rúbrica de evaluación  (incluída en el apéndice a continuación.)También hablamos de la  posibilidad de asignar roles en el trabajo del mural xq no había anticipado  roles especiales previamente y también de la importancia de pensar de  antemano los tiempos que debían cumplir.      
  2. 2.   CLASS #5 & 6    5. Mural presentation. ​For each presentation I completed a rubric as  sts presented their work which in the end provided the mark they had  in the mural.     6. ​Feedback on the tests.     7. ​Group assessment form & class discussion on the work done on the  Korean War, the reasons behind the choices made, what I observed,  their personal experiences.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfFLIlEzPFgh46zzaYj4Bwv 2dftNgc7hhp4YGR5HRodx8ClZw/viewform               
  3. 3. Group task.    Make a mural that has the following info:    ● The key antecedents of the crisis.  ● The names of the main characters involved and  their role.   ● The key events in the development of the crisis.   ● The role of the UN.  ● 3 sources on the crisis: Each member of the group  should be in charge of analysing ONE source.      When marking the mural I will consider the following:     1. That the information is clear and accurate. (1)  2. That you manage to include only relevant  information and NOT long chunks of info. (2)  3. That the mural is visually self explanatory. (2)  4. That there are no significant language mistakes.  (1)   5. That the sources chosen are varied and properly  analysed. (3)  6. That the analysis of the role of the UN is complete.  (1)    Total mark:​ 10 points.   Good luck! :) 
  4. 4.