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Museums in the Post-Digital Age | Unconference session at Open Culture 2014

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Are we entering the post-digital age? And if so, what does it mean for the museum? What do we face in the Internet of Things? Digitisation of museum collections is not the end: we are going full circle back from digital to tangible, material, sensual experiences. Get inspired by prototypes created in the FP7 project www.mesch-project.eu

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Museums in the Post-Digital Age | Unconference session at Open Culture 2014

  1. 1. The Post-Digital Age Is your Museum ready? ©2012Léocaillard.Tousdroitsréservés. Monika Lechner @lemondesign DEN - Dutch Digital Heritage @stichtingden London, 26th of June 2014 Unconference Open Culture2014
  2. 2. What’s next? Social Media Mobile Media Tablet computing, BYOD Crowd Sourcing so 2012! © 2012 Léo Caillard. Tous droits réservés.
  3. 3. • Longing for real, handCRAFTed stuff – Etsy • 3D printing – Thingiverse, FabLabs • Maker Movement – Arduino, Raspberry Pi • Wearables – Google Glass, Smart watches  Real, tangible experiences  Beyond the digital realm Embedding electronics into objects Personalised, tailored experiences Post-digital Digital information is omnipresent 
  4. 4. Do it yourself! 3D printed object + sensor / chip http://www.picnicnetwork.org/rijksmuseumamsterdam-fablab + http://www.arduino.cc/ = Bron: Beeld en Geluid Foto’s © 2012 PICNIC Festival; Arduino.cc, Beeld en Geluid Context aware smart object & + adaptive content Smart objects
  5. 5. Mixed media, mixed reality © 2012 Léo Caillard. Tous droits réservés.
  6. 6. Mixed media, mixed reality Introducing the augmented reality loupe prototype: http://vimeo.com/88233719
  7. 7. The Companion Novel is a mobile device in the form of a book that plays audio material through locally deployed wireless speakers. The choice of audio material is dependent on the current location and selected page of the book. Companion Novel prototype
  8. 8. • displays relevant content to multiple visitors simultaneously • artefact is placed on top • distance sensors register visitors approaching • distance sensor data can controls projector lamp • for indoor heritage sites Plinth prototype
  9. 9. mesch-project.eu @meschproject #meschFP7
  10. 10. ©2012LéoCaillard.Tousdroitsréservés. Kinetic Tangible Interactive Context aware Omnipresent Seamless integration of digital information by creating interactive, tangible experiences beyond the mobile screen.
  11. 11. MeSch-project.eu @meschproject Get inspired! Get in touch! Monika Lechner @lemondesign All artist pictures by www.leocaillard.com © 2012 Léo Caillard