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Free Legal Advice From An Nc Lawyer

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Free Legal Advice From An Nc Lawyer

  1. 1. The Pink Slip Storybook Series Unemployment Discrimination  Job Loss Layoff Termination Downsizing Hard Times Story Book for Real  Solutions Legal Survival Guide PeopleNology Gregory Bodenhamer Ph.D. M.I.T. Moments in Time 2009 HARD TIMES STORY You can’t fire me you son of a bitch! BOOK The important things you  If I would have had this book I would still be employed and my must do, before you get  income and retirement terminated, fired or kicked would still be intact. out the door. The little known Pink slips are being printed by the hundreds of thousands, secrets of pending this is your survival and guide terminations, layoffs, book, what to do before you get the book what to do before you get the pink slips and axe, the boot, the performance unemployment law, improvement plan, the last check  and all the other bull that’s  right here. coming down the pike.  PeopleNology Scams Tricks Deceptions and other Bull that employers use to destroy your life, career, income  and take away your self respect. Gregory Bodenhamer Ph.D. M.I.T. Human Resources Psychology Principles and  Law for the common dumb ass that’s going to get the pink slip. Nollijy Franklin University Copyright 2009