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social seo and signals - Communicate Magazine Conference on Google+ for Brands

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On tour with Communicate Magazine - (http://commuincatemagazine.co.uk)

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With a case study of ranking within organic search results using only social signals - not traditional SEO

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social seo and signals - Communicate Magazine Conference on Google+ for Brands

  1. Social Search (SEO)& Social Signals#Gplusbrands
  2. Overview• Evolving with Google• Is SEO dead?• The ripple effect?• 3 key G+1 actions to implement immediately
  3. Evolving with GoogleThe lines between Social and SEO are blurring.
  4. Evolving with GoogleThe problem• Twitter & Facebook are private clubs• Google can only use signals it can see and can crawl – Nofollow – Dofollow
  5. IMAGINE not having to worry about anonymous blog spam because you know exactly who the person is that wrote the article or comment = GREATER accountability and a better web.
  6. Evolving with Google• SEO Social Search : really interesting because it’s one of the areas where you don’t have to necessarily optimise for search engines• It’s new, interesting & future proofing
  7. Is SEO dead? Move from an anonymous web to a web in which everybody has at least some idea of the reputation of an author
  8. The ripple effect• https://plus.google.com/ripples
  9. The ripple effect
  10. 3 key G+1 actions to implement immediately1. Put your keyword(s) in profile links
  11. • Not logged into Google• No backlinks• Ranking achieved using social media only
  12. 3 key G+1 actions to implement immediately2. Claim your content using - rel="author”Rich Snippits<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google+</a>The + at the end of the ‘anchor text’ is important!TIP: If you post content on G+ this is taken care of for you
  13. Finally…
  14. Increase the number of social signals linking back to your contentASK !!!
  15. Primary engagement only• Total +1s = 39,17,25 = 81• Total Comments = 145, 34, 33 = 212• Total shares = 34, 12, 31 = 78• These do not include secondary comments, +1s or reshares
  16. Social Search (SEO)& Social Signals#GplusbrandsQUESTIONS