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Solar water heater for pools

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Solar is one of the renewable source of energies which is easy to install in the home. solar water heater has evolved more since many years and the slides here displays about the solar water heater for the pool

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Solar water heater for pools

  1. 1. Solar Water Heater For Pool
  2. 2. Solar Power • Solar is one of the renewable source of energy which can be easily employed in home. • The solar is utilized for various purpose from small scale to large scale. • There are many innovative products being produced by solar and they are used in the routine life. • The solar power is one of the cheapest and easy installable form of renewable energies.
  3. 3. Solar Water Heater • Solar water heater is one of the products which are in since many years and they have been utilized for the household purpose. • There are different types of solar water heaters used from house to industries and are used for various purposes. • Some of the most common utilization method of solar water heater is - http://www.slideshare.net/leeshin12/solar-power- how-are-they-utilized-for-various-purposes
  4. 4. Types Of Solar Water Heater • The solar water heater is broadly classified into • Active solar water heater: – Direct circulation system – Indirect circulation system • Passive solar water heater: – Thermosyphon – Integral collector-storage passive system
  5. 5. Hot Water Pool • The hot water pool is not possible in all the part and implementation of this is also costly. • Folks doesn’t prefer hot water in all the climatic condition, so constructing the pool for the hot water alone doesn’t big benefit to the house. this also costliest process. • So normal pool can be interfaced with the solar water heaters and the hot water can be transferred whenever necessary.
  6. 6. Parts In Solar Pool Water Heater • the solar panels to track the sun power and convert in to heat energy. • The stainer to collect the water from the swimming pool. • The filter to purify the water collected from the pool. • The pump used to circulate the cold water from the pool via the collectors and again to the pool
  7. 7. Working process • the cold water from the pool is collected by the strainer, the water then passed to the purifier or the filter. • The water is cleaned there and they are circulated via the pump to the collectors in the tank. • In case of water being used from the tank, the purified water is stored in the tank or the fresh water is utilized for the pool.
  8. 8. • Either the stored water or the purified and filtered water is taken to the pool via the circulating pump • In this process, the solar panels are installed on the roof near the pool and connection is done proximity to the pool. • The two types of collectors most commonly employed for this type are glazed and unglazed types.
  9. 9. Benefits • Some of the benefits of solar pool compared to normal pool is: • Pollution free process. • The temperature is raised easily. • Less maintenance • Easy and cheap installation • Operating cost is eliminated.
  10. 10. • These are the basic working and the benefits of solar pool water heating system. (http://www.slideshare.net/danielvhenny/features- of-solar-water-heating-system) • The pool is not confined to home alone, they are even used in spas and large scale swimming classes which operates even in the cold season. • the solar is even utilized in many other household implementation.
  11. 11. • Glazerindia (http://glazerindia.com) is one of the solar water heater producers In India. • They provide number of services like domestic solar water heating service, industrial solar water heating service, etc..
  12. 12. • https://plus.google.com/b/11226705 4116946693363/ • https://www.facebook.com/Solar- energy-saver-1691155824450388 • http://solarenr.blogspot.com