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Benchmarking Service Meshes - CNCF Networking WG

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Presented at the CNCF Networking Working Group in March 2019. A project to provide apples-to-apples comparison of performance overhead induced by different service meshes. Recording - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_JwCc-kLMA

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Benchmarking Service Meshes - CNCF Networking WG

  1. 1. Benchmarking Service Meshes Lee Calcote calcotestudios.com/talks March 2019
  2. 2. layer5.io/meshery @lcalcote Adopter’s Dilemma Which service mesh to use? What’s the catch? Nothing’s free. Playground WHICH SERVICE MESH SHOULD I USE AND HOW DO I GET STARTED? Learn about the functionality of different service meshes and visually manipulate mesh configuration. Performance Benchmark WHAT OVERHEAD DOES BEING ON THE SERVICE MESH INCUR? Benchmark the performance of your application across different service meshes and compare their overhead. @lcalcotelayer5.io/meshery
  3. 3. Meshery a multi-service mesh performance benchmark and playground
  4. 4. layer5.io/meshery @lcalcote meshery Service Mesh Sample App Service Your App Service Gateway / Ingress Gateway / Egress Grafana Meshery adapters Meshery adapters meshery adapters Kube API Platform HTTP/ gRPC HTTP HTTP Docker or Kubernetes Architecture Request Load gRPC
  5. 5. Demo 5 ● Deployment ○ Deployment of Meshery and sample app ● Configuration ○ Cluster, adapters and grafana ○ Configuration validation using Istio Vet ● Performance tests ○ View individual test result ○ Compare multiple tests (two) ○ Compare multiple tests (many) ● Benchmark Specification
  6. 6. layer5.io/meshery @lcalcote Side-by-side Performance Istio Linkerd Consul Octarine Results coming… Upcoming presentations: 1. Container World 2. DockerCon 3. KubeCon EU App Mesh?
  7. 7. layer5.io/meshery @lcalcote A project and vendor-neutral specification for capturing details of: 1. Environment / Infrastructure a. Number and size of nodes, orchestrator 2. Service mesh and its configuration 3. Service / application details Bundled with test results. See → github.com/layer5io/service-mesh-benchmark-spec Service Mesh Benchmark Specification
  8. 8. layer5.io/meshery @lcalcote Thanks to our Contributors! Join in! https://layer5.io/meshery Weekly community meeting, minutes and recordings. Aspen Mesh UT Austin Octarine VMware SOFAMesh Istio Linkerd AT&T
  9. 9. layer5.io/meshery @lcalcote Early Release coming soon... Subscribe for Early Release at https://layer5.io/subscribe
  10. 10. layer5.io/meshery @lcalcote Thank you