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Inside the Strong interest inventory

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Inside the Strong interest inventory

  1. 1. Choose the right career and college major!Look inside the Strong Interest Inventory …one of the most respected and widely usedcareer planning instrument in the world!
  2. 2. Strong Interest InventoryStandard Edition is for adults.Strong Interest InventoryCollege Edition is for collegestudents.Strong Interest Inventory HighSchool Edition is for highschool students.
  3. 3. Strong Interest Inventory ResultsThe results include –• Scores on the level of interest on each of the six Holland Codes or General Occupational Themes. Holland Code Themes include – Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.• Scores on 25 Basic Interest Scales (e.g. art, science, and public speaking)• Scores on 211 Occupational Scales which indicate the similarity between the respondents interests and those of people working in each of the 211 occupations.• Scores on 4 Personal Style Scales (learning, working, leadership, and risk-taking).• Scores on 3 Administrative Scales used to identify test errors or unusual profiles.
  4. 4. Strong Interest Inventory College ReportThe College Profile Report coversadditional information, for example –• Using Your Themes – Listing your Primary Theme or Holland Code• Considering Themes of Greatest Interest to You – Definition, Descriptions, Preferences, and Typical College Majors• Using Your Basic Interest Scales – Definition, Descriptions, Camps Organizations/ Activities, Internships/ Job Settings, and College Courses• Using Your Occupational Scales – Top Strong Occupations, Theme Code, Educational Preparation, College Courses, and Related Careers• Using Your Personal Style – The relationship of Personal Style Scale to Preferences and Activities
  5. 5. Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive ReportsThe Interpretive Report Summaryprovides an overview of the followingareas –• Highest Themes• Personal and Work Environment Descriptors• Specific Interests for Work, Leisure, and Learning• Careers that might be Most Appealing• How you like to work and learnThe Interpretive Report also lists ActionSteps and Helpful Resources.
  6. 6. Strong Interest Inventory Instructions1. Using a web browser (i.e., Microsoft® Internet Explorer), access the CPP Online Assessment site - https://online.cpp.com2. Enter the login - hollandcodes3. Enter the password - learn4life4. Leave the “User ID” blank unless you are returning to complete an assessment.5. Click: LOGIN6. From the menu, select your assessment - Strong Interest Inventory®.7. Click: BEGIN
  7. 7. Strong Interest Inventory Instructions• You will be prompted to fill out a demographics page.• Choose the batch name (if any) that you have been instructed to use.• Provide the requested demographic information.• Click CONTINUE.• Follow all directions to complete your assessment - Strong Interest Inventory• Respond to every item, answering the questions as spontaneously as possible.• After completing the inventory, click CONTINUE at the bottom of the page.• Write down your USER ID.• When you complete your inventory, Hollandcodes.com will receive an e-mail.• Hollandcodes.com will send your Strong Interest Inventory Report.