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Ac890 Px Advanced Cooled

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AC890PX Advanced Cooled

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Ac890 Px Advanced Cooled

  1. 1. Refrigerant Cooled Drives using aVaporizable Dielectric Fluid (VDF) Cool Drive Overview
  2. 2. Parker AC890PX “Cool Drive” • High Power AC Drive with advanced cooling • Ratings through 1.5 MW • Modular Design • IP52 standard • IP54 and greater available (consult factory) The AC890PX Cool Drive is an extension of the popular AC890PX series. By using Parker’s Advanced Cooling technology, the Cool Drive offers the highest power density available, meaning less floor space per kilowatt.
  3. 3. What is “CoolDrive”Extension of AC890PX with Advanced Cooling• Increases power range• Industry leading power density• Increased reliability and lower risk• High environmental protection• Re‐uses majority of AC890PX electrical design• Patented:  Patent on air cooled AC890PX Provisional patent on CoolDrive• Future compact 3 phase modules for mobile  applications
  4. 4. 400KW – 1.5MW Cool Drive Dimensions AC Fed Inverter 2500H x 2200W x 800D (mm) DC Fed Inverter 2500H x 1200W x 600D (mm) 4Q AFE/Regen 2500H x 2800W x 600D (mm) Note: Dimensions depend upon the IP rating selected and include a 100mm base and 400mm condenser.
  5. 5. Modular Design• Pluggable Power Modules • Sealed modules can be replaced in minutes • Inverter Modules weigh under 50 pounds • Replaceable by local service staff • Freight-friendly, easily shipped around the globe • Packaged and designed to clear customs quickly• Integrated bus system • Power wiring minimized • Keyed modules eliminate errors • No-leak dry break fittings eliminates coolant loss
  6. 6. Cooling loop for a singlepluggable phase assemblyLight, easy to service, easyto ship = More Uptime!!! IGBT module mounted Power connection on cold plate plugs Pluggable coolant connectors Exploded view of cold plate
  7. 7. What is Advanced, 2-Phase Cooling ?• Cooling using a Vaporizable Dielectric Fluid • Uses Parker’s high density cold plate technology • Simple high performance cooling loop • Safe, hermetic system • Environmentally conscious • No CFC’s • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) • Fluid is low toxicity, nonflammable, non-corrosive
  8. 8. How does VDF cooling work? 3 x cold plates Air Cooled CONDENSER Vapor Pump LiquidVDF cooling loop with a pump, three cold plates and air cooled condenser.
  9. 9. Power Electronics CoolingCustomer Need & Function Increasing Power Densities & Heat Loads Inability to Cool Electronics with Current TechnologyDifferentiated Value Dielectric fluid is Harmless to Electronics Better Thermal Performance Low Maintenance vs De-Ionized Water No Make-Up Water No Yearly System Tear Down No Biocide Additives No Freeze Protection Required No Particle & Carbon filter replacement
  10. 10. Parker Advanced Cooling Value Propositions• Increased drive power density• Better environmental protection • IP54 and IP65 easily implemented• Higher ambient temperature tolerance • Full rated power at 50+ deg C• Increased switching frequency with no derating• Higher reliability due to less thermal cycling of IGBT’s• No derating when paralleling• Self-contained cooling system.• Non-conductive refrigerant cooling Water + High Voltage =
  11. 11. Best power density Air Cooled Advanced Cooled Heat exchanger may be located remotely Optional AC Input Section 2000mm H x 2400mm W x 600mm D 2000mm H x 1200mm W x 800mm D Relative size comparison Typical 1 megawatt DC Fed inverter @ 690V
  12. 12. Value Proposition: Wind Power Challenge Solution: PARKER Advanced cooled Limited space for technology = smallest inverters inside nacelle footprint in the industry DFIG systems Small size enables require separate field full rated inverters control – complex, with simple PM costly generator synchronous generators Inverters are in Advanced cooling difficult to access reduces thermal locations – failures cycling of IGBT’s, cannot be tolerated increased lifetime, MTBF
  13. 13. Value Proposition: Grid Storage Challenge Solution: PARKER Difficult access Advanced cooling reduces thermal locations – failures cycling of IGBTs, are costly to Increases lifetime, operation MTBF Smallest available Limited space at footprint for 1 MW + sub-station converters Self contained cooling Severe power components environments protected from ambient conditions