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NTL Webinar: T.I.E. Your Marketing Together to Form a Profitable Message

  2. OUR SPEAKERS Emily Frickey Digital Account Manager Tammy Kehe Vice President Harlan Schillinger, VP, Director of Marketing
  3. T.I.E. Your Marketing Together to Form a Profitable Message T Television I Internet E eCRM and database management @
  4. The evolution of consumption and the ever-increasing importance of making your message work together on ALL platforms
  5. All firms, both large and small, are in the same boat struggling to keep up with the constantly evolving and fragmented media landscape. • Make your message and media work together • Focus on your creative assets and be strategic – great targeted creative and a solid media strategy can turn tactics into results! • Identify your differentiator to stand out – what is your differentiator? • Be strategic
  6. TV Advertising is Not Dead In fact, according to Pricewaterhouse- Coopers (PwC), U.S. TV ad revenues are forecasted to grow: 2015 2019 $ 71.1 Billion $ 81 Billion
  7. Top 10 Local Broadcast Categories 1. Automotive 2. Communications/TC 3. Car Truck Dealers 4. Restaurants 5. Furniture Stores 6. Legal Services 7. Travel, Hotels 8. Government Orgs 9. Financial 10. Insurance
  8. Legal Broadcast Spending Year Spend in Millions % Change Rank 2004 $363 13 2005 $358 -1.3% 13 2006 $380 +5% 14 2007 $386 +2% 13 2008 $410 +6 % 13 2009 $411 +0.1% 10 2010 $504 +22.5% 7 2011 $574 +14% 7 2012 $604 +5 % 9 2013 $614 +1.7% 6 2014 $629 +2.5% 9 2015 $648 (Estimated) +1.3 6
  9. Websites Must Focus on User Experience and Make it Easy to Convert
  10. Websites must go beyond just being a “digital brochure” and ENGAGE users. Your website is your active digital storefront or office. Imagine: You walk into a store and no one welcomes you or asks if you need assistance. Would you stay in that store? Or would you go next door to purchase the same product or service? In our digital world, everything is “next door” and it’s very easy for potential clients to leave your website and seek assistance from a competitor. Offering an exceptional experience is not only absolutely necessary but, from a user standpoint, always expected!
  11. SEO: What is Semantic Search?
  12. By definition, Semantic Search is a more complex and dynamic ranking system which determines the intent and contextual meaning on search inquiries Example: You want to go see a movie. You search, or ask Siri, for movie times in your area. The search results will then show you movie times at theaters close to your current location. This is no accident. Search engines are now able to take both intent and context into account, therefore providing more relevant results.
  13. How Google establishes “context” for search queries: • User search history, user location, global search history, and much more • Essentially search engines are becoming authentic learning machines- not just triggered by simple keywords anymore • Focusing on Keywords as a main KPI is flawed thinking in today’s world of SEO. This should be a metric that is tracked and looked at, but not the end-all of SEO performance Ask yourself: what does this mean for your firm’s searchability?
  14. Other things to consider for a quality SEO strategy: • Content should not only be relevant, it should be informative and engaging to the end user • Quality is more important than quantity- new algorithms in search engines allow the engines to recognize when someone is trying to scam the system • Focus on being a useful resource to a potential client, not just trying to stuff as many keywords in a piece of content in hopes of ranking (hint: it doesn’t work like that anymore)
  15. Other very important factors to consider when it comes to your online presence:
  16. Social Media - The new word of mouth marketing. Digital Display - Be where potential clients are online Local Listings Management - with more than 80% of searches starting on a mobile device, this is more important than ever. The Local pack owns the mobile search real estate.
  17. Negative SERPs and what can be done about them. (SERPs = Search Engine Results Pages): Your firm is your brand, and your brand’s reputation matters… Especially online! We could do an entire 30 minute webinar on each of these topics. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us, we’d be happy to answer them!
  18. FACT: Over 90% of the planet’s 2.5 billion+ email users check their inbox at least daily.
  19. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR EMAIL TODAY? Do not ignore those who have engaged with you. Reach out strategically and consistently to stay top of mind.
  20. The Takeaways: HOW TO BRING IT ALL TOGETHER • Start by evaluating your current marketing and advertising strategies, KPIs and ROI • Gain an understanding of how all of your advertising strategies are – or aren’t – working together • When every other firm is busy saying the same thing, make your message stand out!
  21. •Put an emphasis on content, placement, production quality and the messaging of your creative – all of these things play a factor in differentiating your firm from the competition • Creative is EVERYTHING. All creative elements need to be well thought out and deliberate – yes, every single piece of your advertising collateral • Remember to follow best practices!
  22. QUESTIONS FOR OUR SPEAKERS? Emily Frickey Digital Account Manager Tammy Kehe Vice President Harlan Schillinger, VP, Director of Marketing
  23. Our 32+ years of legal marketing experience has taught us what it takes to consistently generate quality leads that turn into high value cases. It begins with understanding the legal consumer and ends with implementing a strategy that integrates traditional and digital advertising channels together. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING!
  24. Free download of our 2016 Legal Marketing Best Practices Guide.