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Individual sections development_exercise__1

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Individual sections development_exercise__1

  1. 1. Sections Individual Sections Development Exercise #1 1, INFORMATION RESEARCHER A. What are the major points in the articles you see above? These articles are almost written about business e-mail. B. Why are these articles important? Write 5 major points in the articles that are important. There are following important points. First, stop, think then write. Second, try to prevent premature sending. Third, if in doubt, spell it out. Fourth do most people can’t read minds. Fifth, keep your cool. I think that these 5 points are important. C. Explain 5 reasons why one should read the above articles when preparing to write an important business e-mail on a topic that is important to you? In the business, e-mail is important that don't to lose state. So I think there are following reasons. First, in order to learn a good style of e-mail. Second, in order to prevent myself being impolite. Third, in order to prevent a trouble that might make receiver unpleasant. Fourth in order to write an e-mail with calm thoughts because it is reassuring to know how to write an e-mail formally. Fifth, in order to communicate with receiver well.
  2. 2. D. Write a paragraph explaining the common guidelines that you find in all the three articles above. When we write e-mail, having to be careful and polite so as not to insult receiver is important. 2, CONTENT ORGANIZER A. Explain the overall idea for designing a business e-mail as is mentioned in the articles above. First of all, business e-mail has to be brief, concise and clear. These three things is very important in an understandable way to give information to recipient. But, It needs to add caption that technical term or unknowing words by recipient. In writing the sentences, don't show yourself emotion to them and don't use all capital words, emoticon and so on in the e-mail. Before the sending the e-mail, don't forget to wordsmith. After check the subject and contents e-mail should be sent. B. Write a short business e-mail on a topic of your choice. You can address the e-mail to me or anyone of your choice. Write in your own words. ------ April xx, 2010 Keigo Anma Hello. Enclosed is the research report on our project. Please e-mail me at the address below if I can answer any questions.
  3. 3. Sincerely, Manamu Abe Student at the University of Aizu s1170132@u-aizu.ac.jp Enclosure: Report ------ C. Write two sentences explaining a problem that you have come across recently. ・I ignored the format of the business e-mail. ・I have the wrong expression of the business e-mail. D. Write down five sentences explaining how a personal e-mail should be different from a business e-mail. It doesn't need to think that contents of personal e-mail like business e-mail. At least, it should hold by minimal manner. If knows each other, using the casual expression and feel free to write. The rules that personal e-mail is written is nothing. However, it requires consideration of time, occasion, and human interaction. 3, PLAN DEVELOPER A, Develop a short concept map using the Concept Mapping software based on the 1st article you see above. Pick up the major sentences and make a concept map. Sorry, we don't know how to paste concept map here, so we uploaded our concept map on
  4. 4. SlideShare website. URL is here. http://www.slideshare.net/tykl94/week2-c1 B, Develop a short concept map using the Concept Mapping software based on the 2nd article you see above. Pick up the major sentences and make a concept map. Also we uploaded on SlideShare website. URL is here. http://www.slideshare.net/tykl94/week2-c2 C, Write down the definition of 5 major key words that are used in the concept map. ・emails a system that allows you to send and receive messages by computer. ・formal made or done officially or publicly. ・short measuring a small amount in length or distance. ・concise short, with no unnecessary words. ・brief continuing for a short time. D, Write down three major questions that might explain the major argument or information in the three articles you see above. ・emails are much less formal than a written letter. ・emails are usually short and concise. ・emails are made easy for the reader to reply yes or no or give a short answer.