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How to create instagram lead ads

Lavishka Technologies :Want more leads from Instagram? Discover how to set up lead ads on Instagram to collect valuable contact information from prospects.

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How to create instagram lead ads

  1. 1. How to Create Instagram Lead Ads Discover how to set up leadads on Instagram. #1: Choose the Lead Generation Objective To get startedwithleadads, create a new ad campaign and selectLead Generationasthe objective. #2: Define Your Audience Next, continue toadsetlevel todefine your audience targeting.If youhave existinglead/customerdata, alwaysuse a lookalike audience. Uploadyourcustomerlist to use as the source audience to buildyour lookalike audience.
  2. 2. Define audience targeting for your Instagram lead ad. Usingyour customerlistas the source audience willgive youbetterresultsthansimplyusingexisting leadsfrompreviousmarketingefforts,whichinclude peoplewhohave yettodrive anyreal value for your business.People who’ve actuallyspentmoneywithyourbusiness(ratherthanjustsignaled interest) provide muchstrongerdataforFacebookto workwith. It’sevenbetterif yourcustomerbase islarge enoughto segmentouta portion of higher-value customers (e.g.,repeatpurchasers, high-spendpurchasers,premiumsubscribers,etc.) to use as your lookalike source.Remember,though,Facebookrecommendsusingasource audience of atleast1,000 usersfor bestresults. Alwaysexcludeexistingleadssoyou’re notwastingimpressionsandaddollars.Bycontinuously retargetingthe same users,youcan stimulate negativefeedback,whichwilldeflate yourrelevance score and hurt yourCPMs (costper thousandimpressions). Facebooknowletsyou create an audience of userswho successfullyopenedandsubmitteda lead form, soyou can dynamicallyexcludeincomingleads.Withall otherleads,you’ll have tomanually uploaddata to Facebookbefore excludingpeople.
  3. 3. Create a custom engagement audience in Facebook Audience Manager. #3: Select Your Ad Placement Under Placements, selectthe AutomaticPlacementsoption,because thatonlyincludesthe Facebook newsfeedandInstagramanyway.Audience networkandall other Facebookplacementsare ineligible. Choose the placements where you’d like your lead ads to be served.
  4. 4. Althoughleadadswere originallyrolledoutjustformobile,Facebookrealizedthatadvertisersface all of the same obstaclesondesktoptoo.Usersare impatient,andmakingthe processeasier(bylettingusers submittheirinfoinjusta fewtaps) benefitsbothpartiesregardlessof device.Byselectingauto placement,youradswill be deliveredonbothdesktopandmobile. #4: Set Your Bid In yourbidding,make sure you optimize forleadsvs. link clicks.Linkclicksmay resultina higherclick- throughrate butyou shouldalwaysoptimize forwhatyourtrue goal is,whichis simplyleadsinthis case. Optimize your Instagram ad for leads. #5: Choose an Ad Format Nowyou’re readyto move tothe ad level.The frontendof the adunitis the standardformatfor regular ads,withthe same creative optionsavailable. A carousel ad that highlightsthe benefitsof yourservice orproductfeatures/usecasescanworknicely here.Incorporating testimonials andreviewsisalsoagoodidea.Althoughvideoworkswell,aslideshow can be an easier,cheaperalternativeandFacebookprovidessimple toolsforcreatingone. #6: Create Your Lead Form It’sfinallytime tocreate yourleadform!You shouldbe thinkingqualityoverquantityhere. To make sure your leadsare qualified,always use acontextcard. The contextcard appearsafterusers clickon the ad and before theysubmittheirinformation.Thisiswhere you layout the benefitsof submittingthe form to your prospects.You can choose a paragraph or bulletpointformat forthiscard. The followingexample usesbulletpointstorelaythe mainsellingpointstopotential leads. Keepquestionsto a minimum;lessismore inthiscase.The userinformationfields,whichconsistof primarycontact infoalongwithsome basicdemographicandworkinformation,willpre-fill withusers’ personal detailsaslongasthey’ve includedthemintheirFacebookprofile.Thismakesiteasyforusers to submitthisinformation.
  5. 5. However,be careful nottoinclude fieldsthataren’tnecessary,becauseusersmightbe reluctantto handover toomuch personal informationthisearlyinthe relationship. You can add up to three custom questions,butuse these sparingly.If possible, askmultiple choice questionsrather than open-endedquestions.The more convenientthe process,the more conversions you’ll achieve. Customize the fields and questions on your Instagram lead form. If you’re collectingcustomerinformation,youshouldalreadyhave awrittenprivacypolicy.Hopefully, it’spostedonyour website soyoucan provide a linkto your privacy policy.This isa requiredfieldfor creatingthe leadform. Lastly,youcan add a link to your website that userswill see onthe thank-youpage alongwithaView Website call-to-action.
  6. 6. The thank-you page of your Instagram lead ad includes a link to your website. Conclusion As Facebook’smobile adinventoryskyrockets,the platformis determinedtomake iteasierfor advertiserstogenerate valuefrommobileusers.IntroducingInstagramplacementforleadadsisthe latestexample of this. To get the mostout of the leadsyougenerate,make sure youfollowupwiththemina timelyfashion.If youhave a customerrelationshipmanagement(CRM) systeminplace,youcansetup your leadstosync automatically,soyoucanfollowupas quicklyaspossible whenthe leadsare mostvaluable.Manually downloadingleadscanresultina longlagbetweenreceivingaleadandfollowingupwithaprospect. Facebookalreadysupportsmanyof the mostpopularCRM systemslike Salesforce,MailChimp,and Zapier.Youcan findmore informationonthe available integrations here.If youdon’tsee yourslisted,it mighttake some workby your developertosetupleadsyncingthroughthe FacebookAPI.Alternatively, youcoulduse a middlemanintegrationlikeLeadsBridge.