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Weapons of wwi sales pitch (wiki version)

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Weapons of wwi sales pitch (wiki version)

  1. 1. Wonder Weapons of the First World War Objective: Assess the impact of the ‘wonder weapons’ on breaking the stalemate.
  2. 2. Background: The Schlieffen Plan Stalls & Stalemate    Germany was not able to sweep through the west and fight on the east as quickly as they planned – they were defeated in the Battle of the Marne on the Western Front (border of France and Germany where most of the fighting took place). Germany was forced to split their troops and fight on two fronts. This led to a stalemate where neither side was winning.
  3. 3. Mini Shark Tank     You have designed a weapon to break this stalemate and win the war for Britain. You have some money to invest, but you need more. You are going to take your weapon to a group of investors…all of whom have a weapon of their own that they’d like people to invest in. You must come up with a 2 minute pitch to sell your weapon. You must persuade your group of investors that your weapon is the best!
  4. 4. Presentations     Use the information sheet you have been given about your wonder weapon to make your presentation. Your group can and should question you about your weapon – so you need to know your facts! (you can’t lie!) Be clear on the best points about your wonder weapon – why is it the best? How is your weapon going to break the stalemate and give Britain the upper hand? (Your weapon may not be usable on land…but how might it still help turn the tide of the war?) Try to think of questions for the other groups – what could be wrong with their weapon? Why is it worse than yours?
  5. 5. Gas
  6. 6. Tank
  7. 7. Flame-Thrower
  8. 8. Airplane
  9. 9. Submarine
  10. 10. Zeppeli n
  11. 11. Make your choice!   You must decide which wonder weapon will do the most to break the stalemate . Which weapon will you invest in???
  12. 12. Weapon Gas Tank Flame Thrower Submarine Airplane Zeppelin Good Points Bad Points