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How I Would Redesign Demi Lovato's Website & Monetize Her Audience

Here's a concept redesign of Demi Lovato's website. You can read the full post here: http://thenewandthenext.com/demi-lovato

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How I Would Redesign Demi Lovato's Website & Monetize Her Audience

  1. 1. DEMI LOVATO WEBSITE PROPOSAL How to improve Demi Lovato’s website and monetize her audience Commerce + Content
  2. 2. /01 Issues and Opportunities
  3. 3. /01 Issue No. 1: Bad User Experience
  4. 4. Even worse than the outdated design is the overwhelming feeling you get as you attempt to browse her website. The data shows that visitors are not getting what they want; and therefore, are quickly bouncing.
  5. 5. /01 Solution No. 1: Redesign website
  6. 6. http://dve.30c.mwp.accessdomain.com/ I’d dramatically simplify Demi’s site and update it to match her personality. People don’t visit her site to listen to music. They come to learn more about Demi and what she’s up to, so there’s no need to clutter her site with stuff users don’t want from it.
  7. 7. /02 Opportunities
  8. 8. /02 Opportunity No. 1: Affiliate Shop
  9. 9. http://dve.30c.mwp.accessdomain.com/faves/ Fans want to know what products Demi uses and loves, so why not build a simple, highly curated affiliate store? Demi would earn a 15-20% commission on every person she refers to advertisers.
  10. 10. EXAMPLE 2: SPRING “On average, Spring customers spend around $150 per order. The company expects 2017 gross sales well north of $100 million. Spring generates revenue by taking, on average, a cut of between 15-20% of each order.” (source: https://www.recode.net/2017/5/11/15616956/spring-fidelity-funding- investing-65-million-clothing-shopping-app ) EXAMPLE 1: WHO WHAT WEAR “Who, What, Wear: The company takes an average of a 12% commission from retailers today when one of its readers goes on to make a purchase from a partner site. Power said she thinks they can increase that rate over time since she expects the new app to drive a lot more sales.” (source: https://www.recode.net/2017/6/7/15753416/who-what-wear-shopping- app-fashion-mobile)
  11. 11. /02 Opportunity No. 2: Cooler Merch
  12. 12. WORTH REPEATING “But merch is just as important as a branding asset to an artist,” he continues. “It’s the new CD. It’s as important as the sound, a part of the vision."
  13. 13. Demi’s merch should be an organic reflection of her. Right now, it’s not. Currently, her merch is designed to appeal to 11-year-old girls, who can’t buy things online without their parents’ credit card. Would Demi wear Demi’s merch?
  14. 14. GOOD EXAMPLE 1: Justin Bieber Purpose Tour For Bieber’s own tour looks, Lorenzo and Welch aimed for what Lorenzo calls "elevated pedestrian.” According to Welch, the outfits were an "organic" reflection of the artist’s personal style, meaning a casual combination of ripped jeans and long silhouette shirts, including the much- publicised oversized tee printed with the words “Bigger Than Satan” and a picture of Marilyn Manson. “It plays on different levels of emotion,” explains Lorenzo. “You’re connecting to Bieber. If you’re a Bieber fan, you’re getting the feel of the timeless '90s rock god and Marilyn Manson." For the tour 'merch', "we tried to give it a little bit of the same language and the same vibe. What you’re buying at the venue, you’re seeing Justin wearing similar pieces on stage.”
  15. 15. http://kyliejennershop.com GOOD EXAMPLE 2: KYLIE JENNER SHOP
  16. 16. /02 Merch Ideas
  17. 17. http://dve.30c.mwp.accessdomain.com/shop/ CATEGORIES • Phone cases • Bomber jackets • Jean jackets • Gold necklaces • Stickers • Hoodies/sweatshirts • Posters IDEAS • “#sorrynotsorry” gold necklace • “Lovatic” gold necklace • “10” gold necklace • Sweatshirt/tee: “Stop judging me” • Sweatshirt/tee: “Don’t worry. Be confident.” • Sweatshirt/tee: “This is my confident shirt.” • Sweatshirt/tee: “Pretty Savage” • Graphic tees with Demi pics or popular Tweets • Cool, illustrated paintings of Demi • Quotes in photo frame for home
  18. 18. /02 Opportunity No. 3: Membership
  19. 19. http://dve.30c.mwp.accessdomain.com/members/ People are searching for information about Demi that would be perfect to blog about. Right now, her “news” tab is just a PR center. It’s not interesting, and I doubt anyone reads the content. The membership would feature a mix of free and paid content. Featured content would be personal, exclusive and highly valuable to fans — not irrelevant, impersonal PR spam.
  20. 20. OK EXAMPLE: KKW MEMBERSHIP Updated daily, the KIM KARDASHIAN WEST APP is an exclusive selection of free and premium paid content. The experience includes exclusive livestreams, beauty tutorials, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, personal journals, fashion content and much more. Subscribers get exclusive access to all things KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, and Kids Supply. This app is must-have for fans! $2.99/mo OR $24.99/yr
  21. 21. CONTENT IDEAS • Tutorials/How-to • Daily routines • Fave products • Fitness and health • Mental health/emo • Fun facts • Quizzes • Exclusive pics • Being a millennial entrepreneur • Exclusive leaks/peeks before everyone else • New music • Exclusive AMAs
  22. 22. /03 Who am I?
  23. 23. I’ve been designing and marketing websites for the last seven years. I’ve also had my fair share of online side-businesses. My writing has been featured in CNBC, The Economist, Fortune, Inc, Fast Company, Business Insider and many others. Read my story here: https://medium.com/@laurenholliday_/how-i-went-from-underemployed-waitress- to-the-top-1-of-millennials-in-3-months-4680dc1d7891
  24. 24. CALL-TO-ACTION When can we schedule a brief phone call? 954-540-9211 lah@freelanship.com Laurenholliday.com