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Laura Lippay Search Life Vs Circus Life

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I am an internet marketer with an SEO background. I used to be a circus performer. In this 5 minute Ignite (ignite.oreilly.com) speed presentation I explore the similarities of Search Life vs. Circus Life.

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Laura Lippay Search Life Vs Circus Life

  1. 2. (a story) ?
  2. 3. circus search results - Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy “ To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad. “
  3. 4. SAME: ringleader carnival barker Matt Cutts Danny Sullivan the characters
  4. 5. SAME: the characters siamese twins animal herders Tom Critchlow & Will Critchlow Stephen Field & Strawberry Fields Goat arriving at a conference. (not kidding).
  5. 6. SAME: the characters acrobats & jokesters Daron Babin! me! @lyndseo! Darren Dalasta! Levi Wardell!
  6. 7. NOT THE SAME: trickery levels regular people circus magicians SEO black hats
  7. 8. SAME: Wrestling SEARCH CIRCUS Image courtesy of fscclub.com
  8. 9. SAME? Crafty Russians SEARCH CIRCUS Image courtesy of morrisonworldnews.com
  9. 10. NOT THE SAME: Elephants in the room SEARCH CIRCUS Image courtesy of nathanbond.wordpress.com
  10. 11. WHAT IF: Or yellow shoes? Search Marketers wore orange suits? Mikkel DeMib Rand Fishkin
  11. 12. WHAT IF: Search Marketers rode elephants to work? Branded logo Contact Info Memorable URL Elephant can crush sports car
  12. 13. WHAT IF: Speedcubing would make a comeback Image courtesy of speedcubing.com Matt Cutts would go head to head with this guy for the ringmaster position Image courtesy of Simon Heseltine Geeks ran the circus?
  13. 14. WHAT IF: Ring 1: Larpers Geeks ran the circus? Ring 3: This guy Ring 2: Segway World of Warcraft Image courtesy of wrytergrrrl Image courtesy of randomfunnypicture.com Image courtesy of sprakparking.com
  14. 15. CIRCUS SEARCH Smelling like poop OK? Or Not OK?
  15. 16. CIRCUS SEARCH Pitching a tent OK? Or Not OK?
  16. 17. CIRCUS SEARCH Being a geek   (Scares kiddos)
  17. 18. CIRCUS SEARCH Getting to the (big) top by putting your legs behind your head OK? Or Not OK? Image courtesy of danny.oz.au
  18. 19. CIRCUS SEARCH Showering with clowns OK? Or Not OK? I guess I should have told you that my feet aren’t as big as my shoes. Great show tonight, Slappy!
  19. 20. ? Is Search Life like Circus Life? CONCLUSION: Pretty much. 2 out of 3 “What If’s” work OK in Search *and* in the circus: 0% Same: 71% Not the Same: 29%