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Wooden pallets - circular economy at its best

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Every year, two million renovated pallets do another tour in serving the industry. Wooden pallets can be reused again and again, and eventually a worn-out pallet will be utilised as energy for heating. This is circular economy at its best.

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Wooden pallets - circular economy at its best

  1. 1. Werecycle morethan 1,500,000 palletsperyear.
  2. 2. Robotsare usedfor sortingand unloading thepallets.
  3. 3. Transferringthe heaviestwork fromhumansto machines alsoimproves occupational ssafety.
  4. 4. Circulareconomyin practice:Insteadof dumpingpalletsto landfills,theydo severaltoursin servingtheindustry.
  5. 5. Woodenpallets canbereused againandagain –upto10times.
  6. 6. Asapalletreaches theendofits lifecycle,itwill beutilisedas energyforheating.