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Html, CSS & Web Designing

  1. may design the overall look and let a Web master do the actual coding
  2. development (programming)
  3. marketing (business goals, analysis, content)
  4. Analyze the need for the site
  5. Choose content
  6. Graphics
  7. <h2> </h2>
  8. <h3> </h3>
  9. <h4> </h4>
  10. <h5> </h5>
  11. Italics = <i> </i>
  12. Superscripted text = <sup></sup>
  13. Subscripted text = <sub></sub>
  14. Borders color, style, & width
  15. Font family, size, style, variant, & weight
  16. Text alignment, decoration, indentation, spacing, & white space
  17. The h1 is different from the others because it will have a background color of its own.
  18. header 2 element will have the same font, medium blue-ish green.
  19. header 3 will have the same font & same color as h2 but will be center-aligned.