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Stitch by Stitch: Annotating Fashion at the Rijksmuseum



Fashion can be found everywhere in museums. Fashion heritage collected over centuries: costumes, accessories, paintings, prints and photographs. But while some clothes and accessories are easily found and identified, others are obscure and require a trained eye to describe. What are we looking at? What kind of sleeve is this? Which materials and techniques have been used? More specific descriptions of the images facilitate better use of digital collections and enable users to wander through them in detail.

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Stitch by Stitch: Annotating Fashion at the Rijksmuseum

  1. 1. Accurator ask the right crowd, enrich your collection
  2. 2. Start  Annota)ng  Fashion  
  3. 3. Select  your  are  of  Exper)se  
  4. 4. Find  works  to  annotate  
  5. 5. Start  Annota)ng  
  6. 6. Object  Type  
  7. 7. Material  
  8. 8. Technique  
  9. 9. Color  
  10. 10. Check  the  annota)ons  in  exis)ng  boxes  
  11. 11. Check  the  whole  annota)on  set  
  12. 12. Find  other  works  by  Jean  Antoine  WaDeau  
  13. 13. Find  other  ‘vouwwaaier’  
  14. 14. Check  what  you  have  done  
  15. 15. Have  Fun!   #SEALINCMedia  project   @Rijksmuseum  @Modemuze  @wikimedia  @COMMIT_nl