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Secrets of Social Media

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Secrets of Social Media

  1. 1. Secrets ofSocial Media Revealed In 1966
  2. 2. The Father of Motivation Research Almost 50 years ago, in 1966, Ernest Dichter did a study about word of mouth persuasion that revealed secrets of how to use social media to build brands and businesses
  3. 3. Conventional marketing wisdom long held that a dissatisfied customer tells ten people. But… in the new age of social media, he or she has the tools to tell ten million.
  4. 4. Many companies seem focused on social media activity as a one-way promotional channel, and have yet to capitalize on the ability to not only listen to, but analyze, consumer conversations andturn the information into insights that impact the bottom line.
  5. 5. Effectiveness of Social MediaOf 2,100 companies surveyed:75% said that they did not know where their most valuable customers were talking about them.31% do not measure effectiveness of social media.7% are able to integrate social media into their marketing activities.
  6. 6. Welcome the ChangeOf 2,100 companies surveyed:33% are convinced their use of social media will grow, and many anticipate investing more in it next year.However, only a small 12% felt that they are currently effective users of social media.
  7. 7. Not One-Way Communication
  8. 8. Four Motivations for a Person to Communicate About Brands 1. Product Involvement 2. Self Involvement 3. Other Involvement 4. Message Involvement
  9. 9. ProductInvolvementThe experience is so novel and pleasurable that it must be shared.
  10. 10. SelfInvolvementSharing knowledge or opinions is a way to gain attention, show connoisseurship, feel like a pioneer, have inside information, seek confirmation of a person’s own judgment, or assert superiority.
  11. 11. OtherInvolvement The speaker wants to reach out and help to express neighborliness, caring, and friendships.
  12. 12. Message Involvement The message is so humorous or informative that it deserves sharing.
  13. 13. These four motivations explain whysome brands have been successful in using social mediaIn order to employ social media effectively a brand needs to deliver extraordinary functional, expressive, or social benefits.
  14. 14. Creating and Leveraging Innovation and Differentiation To employ social mediaeffectively, you must associateyour brand with an offering thatis innovative and differentiated in a way that truly resonates with customers.
  15. 15. Listeners are Concerned with Two Conditions… 1. The speaker’s credibility 1. The speaker’s motivation
  16. 16. Credibility• A person does not need to be an expert• People that have an intense interest in a subject resulting in relevant experience and access to relevant people and information will qualify as well An implication is that a firm should promote a dialogue because a listener will be more likely to accept judgments from someone with whom there is an interaction going on.
  17. 17. Motivation • They want the speaker to be interested in the listener and his or her well-being without a bias.An implication is that a firm promoting its own brand needs to be aware of its status andemphasize facts instead of opinion, represent the right culture and values, and have a balanced perspective.
  18. 18. With a dialogue, it is much easier to communicate expertise, interest in the subject matter, and the right motivation because there is a chance to build up a relationship and use reassuring cues. In contrast, a one time, one way communicationwill have a harder time demonstrating credibility and motivation.
  19. 19. RecommendationsRecommenders had on average a hugeimpact on purchase, running to 80% forsome products.
  20. 20. The nearly forgotten theory and practice of word-of-mouthcommunication and influence from over five decades ago are more relevant today than ever