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AASSA- Social media for presenters

Association of American Schools in South America

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AASSA- Social media for presenters

  2. SOCIALMEDIA GUIDELINES & SUGGESTIONS FOR PRESENTERS Connect International educators across the region to and with each other for networking purposes, sharing pedagogical interests, best practices and global connections.
  3. SOCIALMEDIA GUIDELINES & SUGGESTIONS FOR PRESENTERS How to involve your conference attendees to participate in using social media during your session?
  4. Create a slide in the beginning of your presentation slide deck to share the conference’s hashtag to be used on social network platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in order to string our conversation and documentation together. PREPARING YOUR PRESENTATION #L4LAASSA
  5. Include your social media @username to make it easy for participants to reference you. PREPARING YOUR PRESENTATION
  6. Consider modeling what “shareable” content of your message might look like on a social media platform. PREPARING YOUR PRESENTATION
  7. Include a minimalistic slide with a quote, statement or provocation that is easily shared by adding the #hashtag and your social media @username for easy reference. PREPARING YOUR PRESENTATION
  8. Give participants a short moment to pause, take notes, digest, reflect or contribute and then share via social media their thoughts about your message throughout your session. PREPARING YOUR PRESENTATION
  9. Deliver strategic “aha” moments that your participants will want to share with others Embed these “aha” moments throughout as you are brainstorming, creating, organizing and developing your presentation PREPARING YOUR PRESENTATION
  10. Depending on your attendees’ comfort level with social media, you might want to let them know : “ Here comes a tweetable moment”. PREPARING YOUR PRESENTATION
  11. DURING YOUR PRESENTATION Upgrade traditional workshop techniques (based on Sharon Bowman’s The Ten-Minute Trainer) 
 Signal • make up a noise or hand signal when someone has a ”tweetable” moment during the session • after using that signal, have participant articulate their tweetable moment 
 Pair Share • ask participants to share the most important fact or • concept they learned about in the last 10 minutes with a partner Tweet that fact or concept out @mentioning your partner Sketchnote • ask participants to sketchnote (digital or analog) your session • tweet your image of the sketchnote • attach #hashtag Action Plan • tweet out an action plan • start tweet with “I plan to do…. with what I learned” • Share how you will hold yourself accountable for you planned action • attach #hashtag Exit Tickets • Tweet one opinion related to the issue what you learned about • Tweet a question you still have about the issue or topic you learned about • attach #hashtag Think & Write • Tweet one sentence that summarizes the information you have heard until now • Make sure to add the #hashtag •
  12. DURING YOUR PRESENTATION Embed “visible thinking routines” in your session, giving your participants time to use them and share their answers via social media. Engage your participants by asking them to contributing to the learning of others. Consider asking a participant, comfortable with #hashtags to be your social media moderator and bring any questions to your attention during the session. Visible Thinking Routines (Project Zero) • I used to think…. now I think… • I see, I think, I wonder Visible Thinking Routines (Project Zero) • Connect, Extend, Challenge • Think, Puzzle, Explore