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LL Upper Pri C - Activating Prior Knowledge

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LL Upper Pri C - Activating Prior Knowledge

  1. 1. Reading 101 Reading Strategy -Unlocking a passages secrets
  2. 2. Learning Objectives To learn the basic structure of all comprehension passages To apply learning strategies in deepening comprehension
  3. 3. Introduction Do these scenarios reflect you when answering Comprehension Cloze and OE?1) Best answers given but still marked wrong2) Answers almost correct but no marks awarded3) Answers not complete, half mark awarded If the above three scenarios reflect you, then you need a superior method in comprehending a comprehension passage! Theres a reason that its named as such!
  4. 4. How we read You learnt in the previous lesson that our brains dont read in bits and pieces but in chunks. Our brains are powerful mapping machines – able to develop associations to almost anything. Any information can be associated. Activate your knowledge with these concepts:1) Level 1 – School Increasin2) Level 2 – Job g3) Level 3 – Genes Dfficulty
  5. 5. Prior knowledge This information is called prior knowledge – what you already know about the topic. Thinking about the information first is the equivalent of giving your brain a warm-up. You are more ready to absorb whatever information is presented to you later when you read. This means that, before you read, you need to activate your knowledge about the subject matter too.
  6. 6. Activating Prior Knowledge Prior knowledge is activated by:1) Reading the key words of the questions2) Scanning for a rough overviewImmediately after, write down:3) your knowledge about the topic4) what you wish to find outThis completes the pre-reading stage – a critical warming-up phase performed to understand any text completely.
  7. 7. Activating Prior Knowledge & KWL The process can be summed up in a reading strategy called KWL and it represents: K – your knowledge, after reading the questions key words and scanning W – what you wish to know, thinking about the story you are about to read L – what you have learnt, recalling the major facts of the story.
  8. 8. Activating Prior KnowledgeAc