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Toward performance dialogue in public administration: the case of city of Tampere

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IRSPM2016 Hong Kong. Public services are increasingly provided by networks of hybrid organization structures in which more than one public, private or nonprofit organization depends on another to perform a task. This structure adds ambiguity to public performance management, results in cultural tensions and, in many ways, challenges the ability of an individual manager to master the complexity of the operating environment. This paper sheds light on the change needed in performance management practices when a local government, a city in this case, aims to transform its management culture from an internally focused bureaucracy to an open and dialogue-based community in order to respond to the ongoing change in public management. The paper describes the case of the city of Tampere, Finland, and analyzes the evolution of the city’s performance management practices between 2010 and 2015. The results suggest that the future of public performance management should increasingly rely on continuous and iterative performance dialogue. The paper offers an approach for formalizing the dialogue.

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Toward performance dialogue in public administration: the case of city of Tampere

  1. 1. TOWARD PERFORMANCE DIALOGUE IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: THE CASE OF CITY OF TAMPERE IRSPM2016 PMRA-Sponsored Panel: Management and Organizational Performance Research Director Harri Laihonen, PhD & PhD Student Sari Mäntylä
  2. 2. AGENDA 1. Phenomenon 2. Theoretical frame and our approach 3. Empirical study 4. Results
  3. 3. FROM PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT TO KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Productivity program Focus on performance measurement Focus on leading indicators and introducing KM Piloting learning forums Evaluation of KM maturity Strategic focus on improving KM
  4. 4. Change in environment Management control challenged Use of performance information Learning Performance improvement PHENOMENON 4/15/2016
  5. 5. OUR APPROACH: LEARNING FORUMS Performance data Learning forum Dialogue outcome Impact on performance Based on Moynihan, D.P. (2005), "Goal-based learning and the future of performance management", Public Administration Review, 65(2), pp. 203-216. New ways of doing
  6. 6. EMPIRICAL RESEARCH QUESTION What kind of organization structures and management practices support and encourage performance dialogue (use of performance information)?
  7. 7. EMPIRICAL EXAMINATION The case of City of Tampere, Finland Two steps: 1. Learning forum pilots 2. Integrating performance dialogue in management structures
  8. 8. Kuva: http://uclu.org/articles/election-results-for-academic-and-liberation-section-committees
  9. 9. CONCLUSIONS • This paper contributes to the literature by extending the analysis of the determinants that affect the use of performance information to concrete methods that would increase use. • Learning forums seem to encourage performance dialogue about specific performance data. • We would like to see learning forums integrated in existing management practices.
  10. 10. THANK YOU You can change the world only if you know how it works. 4/15/2016