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Introduction to facebook 2012


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Introduction to facebook 2012

  1. 1. Lael LaningHelen M. Plum Memorial Library Spring 2012 1
  2. 2. “Social Network” Another way to keep in touch & share Connect with family, friends, alumni groups Pictures! Reaching out to like-minded interest groups
  3. 3. Your Profile
  4. 4. Find Friends & Family
  5. 5. Alumni & Employer groups
  6. 6. Your profile picture
  7. 7. Pictures Click on Browse . . .
  8. 8. Browse connects to My Pictures:Digital pictures stored in your computer
  9. 9. Upload from “My pictures”
  10. 10. Profile Picture
  11. 11. Edit your Profile Privacy
  12. 12. Edit or Skip Steps
  13. 13. PRIVACY SETTINGS CLICK “down” arrow Then click on Privacy Settings
  14. 14. Control Your PrivacySettings:Public -- Everyone onFacebook! Your life is anopen book! You don’t carewhat people send to you!Friends – only thosepersons with whom youhave agreed to be “friends.”Ah yes, the trustedindividuals you have chosenas “friends.”Custom – Select individualsor groups who can seeupdates and from whom.You want to choose specificviewers.
  15. 15. Custom Settings Menu
  16. 16. “Tagging”
  17. 17. Who can see your Facebook Profile Who can send you friend requests? Who can send you messages? Who can post on your page? Choose who can see your page Is there someone you want to BLOCK from viewing your information?
  18. 18. A “like” isa recommendation -- “thumbs up!”